Get on to the streets on May the 1st as armies of oppressed people against the armies of oppression!
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May Day is the day of world working class for unity, solidarity and struggle. May Day is the brotherhood festival of peoples. May Day is a revolution song that shines on the lips of labouring people. May Day is the scream of the poor, unemployed, hungry and homeless people. May Day is the rebellion against exploitation and oppression. May Day is a call for life in honour and freedom. May Day is the flag of oppressed people.

If so, there must be no stopping or hesitation. We should not submit like a slave and choke the anger inside of ourselves.

Get on to the streets on May the 1st by girding light of socialism on against the darkness of imperialist world.


Our region is in blood and heat while May Day coming too close. The USA imperialism rains death on Iraq. Hitler was saying "New European Order", dog Bush also saying "New World Order". Bush and his gangs also ignores all international rules just like Hitler. Bush's USA is also a war machine just like Hitler's Germany. He is hostile to labour, labouring humanity, honour and freedom. He is attacking, destroying, massacring, plundering. Through his psychological war machines, he is vomiting lies for 24 hours of a day to hide his disgusting and unforgivable crimes.


USA imperialism is conducting a plundering war on Iraq's oil and all other richness.

USA imperialism is conducting a war to form colonial regime in Iraq.

USA imperialism is conducting a war to enslave Middle East.

USA imperialism is conducting a war to form world hegemony upon the bloods and corpses of workers and oppressed people.

The people who won't fight against this imperialist plundering and enslavement war will lose their honour, freedom and future. If so, let's increase the hate and struggle against USA and his henchmen.


Collaborationist bosses like Sabancı and Koç those organised in TÜSİAD (Turkish Industrialists' and Businessmen's Association), the bourgeoisie's Chief of General Staff Hilmi Özkök and other USA manservant generals of capital and war subcontractor AKP (Justice and Development Party) government, they all criminal partners of the USA imperialism in its invasion on Iraq and covering brother Arab peoples with blood.

They have introduced a law for USA to organise all his military bases in accordance of attack on Iraq from İncirlik up to Malatya. They have opened 700 km long transportation path from Iskendurun to Silopi.

They have presented harbours, airports to the USA orders. They have given right to hire fields, shops, hotels to the USA as it happened in Antep, Mardin, Nusaybin, Cizre, Silopi. They have given permission for thousands of war tools and thousands of USA soldiers to come and settle in. And lastly they have opened 12 air corridors for them to rain bombs and send invading units.


All these realities are showing that the soils of Anatolia and Mesopotamia is under occupation.

Its your binding duty to get organise and fight against invaders and their collaborators.


The ones who 24 hours wait in attention of USA are not enduring demonstrations of workers and oppressed people. They are mercilessly attacking and increasing the terror of detention and imprisonment. Ones who oppress our peoples are protecting the USA embassies, USA soldiers and their equipments. Get know these generals and police chiefs who choose to work as the guards of capital and in hostility of people, very well. Never forget that the army and police institutions are in the service of collaborationist monopolies and imperialist USA.

Workers, Toilers, Youth, Women, Our Turkish and Kurdish People!

This May Day will be a day of rebellion against imperialism in whole world. Prepare the rebellion from today. Greet May Day with growing and developing struggle against imperialist war. Organise occupations, walk-outs, boycotts, closure of rolldown shutters, shut off the engines and demonstrations. Enter to May Day in general strike and general resistance. Come out against the armies of oppression as the armies of oppressed people. Heroically carry out the historical and honourable duty that bothers you for USA and his henchmen to face a heavy defeat in Middle East and for working class and oppressed people to achieve victory.

Long Live May Day Long Live Socialism! Long Live Peoples' Brotherhood!

Down With Imperialist War! Yankee Go Home!

Middle East will be a Grave to USA Imperialism!

Long Live the United Struggle of Workers and Middle Eastern Peoples'!

Justice, Freedom, Equality to the People!

Workers, Toilers, Youth, Women to the Party, to the MLCP!

Marxist Leninist Communist Party (Turkey/Northern Kurdistan)

MLCP-Central Committee

21 March 2003