Call for action throughout the month, from 8th of March to the Newroz day
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Workers, Toilers, Youth, Women!

The month of March is full of fighting days that written to history by the blood of oppressed people. From March the 8th to Newroz, from Newroz to 30 March, each of them are calling you to act for your honour and freedom. Today, it is possible to reply this call by increasing the struggle against USA’s imperialist attack on Iraq.


Brothers and Sisters,

Realities are in front of your eyes. A merciless fight has surrounded all the planet earth. Slavery and freedom, injustice and justice, racism and peoples’ brotherhood, degeneracy and honour are face to face. Now there are two wills fighting with each other in all continents.

The USA imperialism is counting days to turn Iraq into bloodshed. But the working class and oppressed people of the world are seizing streets and squares to stop USA and his criminal partners. The world has divided into two fronts fighting with each other.

Where is your place? Which side are you on?


Workers, Our Turkish and Kurdish Peoples!

A war that will blow in Iraq is not going to be a matter of settling accounts in between the USA and Saddam regime. The ones who assert the contrary are telling lie. This war is a war of USA imperialism to plunder petroleum and all other richness of Iraq.

This war is a war of USA to make Arab, Kurdish and Turkmen peoples into a slave. This war is a war of USA imperialism to put Middle East into a position of complete subservience. This war is a war to make Israel’s oppressive and bloody sovereignty endless. This war is a war of USA to scare all the planet earth, to make his rivals accept that he is the only leader of the imperialist new world order and to make a big step forward for the world hegemony.

Are you going to watch the insolent USA, the wild and merciless enemy of the world working class and oppressed peoples, to realise his bestial imperialist aims?


Workers, Oppressed and Poor People!

Look at the Flag in the hands of the MGK (National Security Council), TÜSIAD (Turkish Industrialist and Businessmen’s Association) and government very well.

That is the flag of the USA. Collaborationist capital, generals and AKP (Justice and Development Party) have announced that they will work as a subcontractor of the USA in killing hundreds of Arab labourers, children and women. The bases, airports and seaports have opened for the USA’s war machine. Ten thousands of Yankees are preparing to make Anatolian and Mesopotamian soils dirty with their combat boots. Our peoples children those being dressed up with military uniforms, Turkish, Kurdish, Laz, Georgian, Arab, Circassian, Abhaz and Gipsy youth are going to be sent to the front beside the USA to kill their Arab brothers in this unjust war and to get killed.

Are you going to let this to happen? Are you going to be the partner of this damned crime?


Brothers and Sisters!

Increase your rebellion against the imperialist war when you go on to the streets, arenas, campuses for equality and freedom of women on 8 March, for protesting Gazi and Ümraniye massacres on 12 March, genocide on Kurdish people on 16 March in Halepçe and again the assassination of revolutionary young people in Beyazýt university on 16 March, and for the liberation of Kurdish nation from colonial yoke, for their right of self-determination and for equal, free and volunteer unification of peoples. Fire your anger to USA and his collaborators. Unite your hearts with the hearts of hundred thousands and millions those rebelling to imperialist war in four corners of the world. Gird on the great honour of heroic struggle against the USA and his criminal partners. Stand against the armies of exploitation and oppression as an army of freedom and labour.


Workers, Toilers, Youth, Women

In the historical days of March and also in the struggle against imperialist war, the MLCP is beside you and in front of the fight. For freedom, justices, equality to people and for a democratic peace, unite in the ranks of MLCP. Raise his flag. Spread his calls and slogans. Carry the name of MLCP to everyone that feels thirsty for a humane and free life.


From March the 8th to Newroz,

Rebellion against imperialist war everywhere!

Down with the colonial attack on Iraq!

Close the bases, USA get out!

Middle East will be a grave for USA imperialism!

Down with the war subcontractor MGK and AKP government!

The blood of our young people is not for sale!

Long live united struggle of working class and oppressed

peoples of the world!

Barbarism or Socialism!

Long live freedom, long live socialism!


MLCP (Marxist Leninist Communist Party - Turkey and Northern Kurdistan)

Central Committee


22 February 2003