Announcement and Call of the 3rd Congress of MLCP
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For the victory of the revolution Long live MLCP

Workers, toiler, young persons, women!

The bourgeoisie applies all the means they have at their disposal in order to continue their bloody and brutal hegemony. The fascist state terrorism, the fascist psychological war, the economic terror, the attacks aiming at social decline, the cooperation with American imperialism and Zionist Israeli State against our peoples and the peoples of the world are the most obvious examples. Life in Turkey and Northern Kurdistan has turned into hell for the workers, toilers, peasants, the youth and women and for all the oppressed people. They are facing this facts every day, every hour, again and again.

But the capitalist and fascist hell is not fate. You do not have to accept that you live all your live under exploitation, violence and injusustice. Do not forget, nobody will be accused of being born as a slave. But the one, who does not stand up against slavery, who does not take part within the struggle for freedom, this one deserves nothing but scorn, there is nothing honourable in bowing to slavery.

Workers, toiler, young persons, women, intellectuals and artists of Kurdish and Turkish nationality and those of the other nationalities!

The 3rd Congress of MLCP, hold and concluded successfully from 3rd to 18th April, which defeated the fascist attacks and the multiple encirclement, calls upon you to stand up against exploitation, violence and slavery. “Enough is enough! We want to live a free and dignified life.” Stand up for this fight!

Our 3rd congress expresses the clarity of ideology and the determination, that is reflected by our martyrs and clearly defined in the death fast resistance. Our 3rd congress is a milestone in the struggle for freedom and socialism.

Our 3rd Congress is an important step for our party in order to destroy capitalism and fascism; this congress challenges the American imperialism, who threats the world proletariat, the oppressed peoples and the small States who resist to him, with terror and extermination; this congress is a communist response to the attacks of ideological and political liquidation with which the international bourgeoisie is confronting the revolutionary and communist movement.

The 3rd Congress of MLCP is, in the first place, a blow against the American imperialism, the principal enemy of the peoples of the world, and against the imperialist world, against the capitalist order of exploitation, against fascism and the barbarity of imperialist globalization from the front of freedom and socialism. Because with its congress the MLCP has reached such a level of thought, has collected new forces and reached decisions that will enable the party to become the mouthpiece, the action and the brain of the world proletariat at the front in Turkey and Northern Kurdistan.

The 3rd congress of the MLCP that consists of communist of the Turkish and Kurdish people and of the national minorities of the Lazh, Arab, Georgian, Cechechenian, Cherkessian, Abhazanian and the Roma, was opened by holding a minute’s silence dedicated to world revolution and especially dedicated to the martyrs of the death fast and by singing the International. Our congress, which has defeated the attacks that were aimed at us and the encirclement through the fascist dictatorship concluded with the repeated Singing of the International. Our congress, which was an example of developed socialist democracy, took place within a lively, productive and exciting atmosphere. The revolutionary spirit, the only in the revolution centred will, the courageous looking at reality, the deep closeness with the working class, with our people and our martyrs have been other important characteristics of our 3rd congress.

The 3rd congress dealt with, assessed and reached various decisions concerning the points following: the theoretic, programmatic, strategic and tactic questions of revolution in Turkey and Northern Kurdistan, the national and international political situation, practice of our party in the past, the facts, questions and solutions with which world proletariat and world revolution are confronted with.

The 3rd congress deeply expresses the strong unity of will, the ideological development of our party and its determination.

At the 3rd congress, our party reached results, sticked to the line of “Unification Revolution” and reinforced this line on the basis of class struggle and the actual national and international needs and this way declared that it goes on with its fight.

The 3rd congress calls upon all workers, toilers, young persons, women, intellectuals and artists to smash the capitalist order of exploitation, to destroy the fascist dictatorship of the National Security Council ( MGK ), and to get rid of imperialist subjugation in order to build a new life and a new world by establishing freedom and socialism. For that, raise your voice, develop your democratic freedoms, intensify your solidarity, support the calls of our party and take part in this struggle by organizing yourselves in the MLCP.

Our 3rd congress calls upon the Kurdish people not to believe the venomous illusions and empty expectations, both with regard to fascist colonialist cliques and with regard to the imperialists from USA as well as from the EU, but to act in the spirit of national struggle for liberation, the intifada and the Newroz celebration in Mersin and to unite the national and social liberation actions.

Our 3rd congress calls upon all communist, revolutionary, anti-imperialist, antifascist and progressive parties, organizations and action groups of the world to establish an anti-imperialist, anti-fascist front; and to smash the imperialist attacks of globalization and barabarity by united struggle.

Our 3rd congress calls upon all communist of the world to establish contact with each other in order to resolve the ideologic and organizational crisis the communist forces are in now, and in order to work for the foundation of the international unity of the vanguard of the proletariat, the Communist Internationale.

Our 3rd congress announces to the workers, toilers, the youth, the women, intellectuals and artists that the one and only way of liberation from exploitation, violence, social, national and sexual oppression and from inequality is establishing socialism. The principal economic law of imperialism and capitalism is “maximum profit”, the human being is recognized as means to get it. But the main economic law of socialism is “ the maximum of satisfaction of the material and cultural needs of the toiling masses”. In contrast to capitalism, socialism is the only real and human solution. This socialism stopped the exploitation under very hard conditions, under the imperialist encirclement and without experience, this socialism gave the right of employment to everybody, free education and free health service according to the needs of society, solved the housing problem, and the problems concerning social security, solved questions like protection of the environment, impoverishment, and reached the biggest development concerning the freedom of women. It is this socialism that turned the multinational States, which are prisons for the peoples (in capitalism), into a union of republics, based on an equal, liberal unity of people of free will, without favouring a language or nation. It is this socialism, that became a faithful decisive support for the workers of the world, the oppressed and the peoples fighting for liberation; this socialism, in contrast to the Hitler Fascism, who intended to enslave the whole world, became an unity of the vanguard of freedom of the world´ s working class.

Our 3rd congress announces our conviction and confidence that the 21 century will be the century of socialism; and that the working class of Turkey and Northern Kurdistan will be an example of vanguard troop of this movement in this forward move and that our party will develop itself in accordance to that at national and international level.

The imperialist bourgeoisie, in the first place the American bourgeoisie and its stooges, are dreaming of exterminating the communists, and to perpetuate their exploitation, robbery and violence by turning the working class and the people into speechless slaves. But they should know that future belongs to those who are fighting for a human and free life. Future belongs to the communists, who are the vanguard troop on the road of history towards a world ruled by social justice and equality, a world without exploitation and without classes, the communists are the vanguard troop and the voice on the road to an humanity full of mental and intellectual richness.


We have been, we are, we will be!
Long live Marxism-Leninism!
Long live our 3rd congress
Down with Imperialism, Capitalism and fascism!
Down with the attack and the barbarity of imperialist globalization!
Long live freedom, long live Socialism!
Long live proletarian internationalism
For the victory of revolution, long live MLCP
With the 3rd congress forward to a leading party, forward to victory


3rd – 18th April 2002

MLCP 3rd Congress