Call for action against the imperialist war and agression of the USA
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All the exploiters and tyrants have been shocked after the raze of the Pentagon and World Trade Centre, first two symbols of the USA imperialism, by a war hit; they start writhing with panic, demoralisation and fear. They were not wrong, because they were heavily wounded in their most trusted and unreachable place.

Imperialist USA, the most barbaric and blood drinking state on the earth, has been continuing the propaganda bombardment, which based on lie and demagogy, since September 11. The spokesman of the monopolies, Bush, has announced that they have started a new Crusader war.

The USA war machines have taken up positions to rain down death.

With this strategic attack, the American imperialism aims to firmly re-establish 'The New World


The USA imperialism wants to annihilate the communist, revolutionary and patriotic vanguards of the world working class and oppressed peoples in agreement with other imperialists and collaborator states.

The USA imperialism wants to surrender and crush the states like Cuba, North Korea, Libya, Iraq, Iran and different political Islamic organisations, assuming that they act against its commands and interests.

And finally, in this war, the USA imperialism wants to come by the energy sources in the Caucasus, settle in the Middle Asia and strengthen its hegemony on energy sources in the Middle East.

But, in vain!

Who tries to establish a fear empire with the demagogy of "the only will power on earth is belongs to them" once more will see overpower of the will of the world working class and oppressed people.

The USA, who started an exploiter terror and plunder war, and other imperialist and collaborator states, who unified their interests on specific subjects with her, will see the revolutionary internationalism will-power and what the combat power and determination of the communist and revolutionary movement mean.

They will once again see how silly it is not to take into account the anti-American political and social forces all over the world.

Marxist Leninist Communist Party (MLKP)-Turkey calls upon all oppressed peoples, who are the possible target for the USA to put under the yoke, to oppose bondage and carry on the anti-imperialist resistance and struggle.

MLKP calls upon all communists, revolutionaries, anti-imperialists and anti-colonialists parties, organisations and individuals to rise the revolutionary struggle against the imperialist attacks, ideological blockade and psychological war.

MLKP calls upon Turkish and Kurdish peoples to join the struggle against both the collaborators of the USA, Turkish bourgeoisie, and the imperialist war.

MLKP declares to hoist up the socialist flag and struggle for the final victory against imperialism, capitalism and fascism, which are accountable for the bloodbath of peoples of Asia, Africa, Europe and America, and unemployment, starvation, destitution, homelessness, corruption, oppression, torture, all kind of despotism and unjust wars in the world.


21 September 2001


MLKP-Turkey Central Committee