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Turkey/North Kurdistan

1. The colonialist fascist dictatorship of the collaborative monopoly bourgeoisie will be overthrown with the revolution based on coercion, and instead, the Union of People's Republics of Turkey and Northern Kurdistan will be established, based on the worker-laborer councils and where the right of secession is protected.

Women will be equal and independent partner of the power in the Union of People's Republics of Turkey and the Kurdistan.

2. The army, police and other coercion apparatuses of the ruling classes will be dismantled and a popular army and a popular militia will be established under the control of the masses organized in the worker's and laborer's councils.

3. The judicial mechanism of the ruling classes will be dismantled and replaced by revolutionary courts attached to the worker's and laborer's councils, and the hearings will be open to the public.

4. All institutions of the Union of People's Republics will be established and operated according to the principle of gender equality and equal representation.

5. As the assurance of the realization of the new society in the line of women's liberation, women will organize their social structuring independently in addition to co-representation in all institutions, the union of working and laboring women's councils will be established, the women's army and militia will be formed, special courts constituted by women and lgbti+'s for sexual crimes will be established. All rights, including legislative power in all activities of the Union of People's Republic in the area of women's freedom, will belong to women's councils, starting from the tasks of the liquidation of the sex industry, socialization of housework, regulation of the economic, political and social life of female workers.

6. The freedom of propaganda, agitation, organization and action of the popular masses will be recognized, their use will be guaranteed, punishments that are incompatible with human dignity and torture will be lifted, discrimination on the basis of religion, confession, language, nationality, gender, sexual orientation, region and etc. will be prevented among the citizens. All patriarchal legal arrangements will be canceled.

7. Debts and obligations to all imperialist states, multinational corporations, imperialist financial institutions such as IMF and World Bank will be canceled.

8. It will be seceded from NATO and not joined any imperialist, reactionary military or political block, the US and NATO bases and institutions will be confiscated, all confidential agreements will be announced, and all confidential or explicit obligations will be canceled.

9. The enterprises, immovables and other resources owned by the imperialists, the collaborative monopoly bourgeoisie, the state and all the forces involved in the armed war against the revolution will be confiscated.

10. All the facilities and urban lands owned by the big real estate owners and the state, and large domestic and foreign trade will be turned into public ownership.

11. The power of the councils, which governs all sectors of the economy converted into public ownership, will provide workers' control through the worker's and laborer's councils in other sectors of the economy.

12. All land, production tools and other resources, which are the property of the big landowners and the state, will be made public property by confiscation. Some section of the land, production tools, etc., which have been converted into public property, will be considered as exemplary farms, and some of them will be offered to the use of poor and less-landed peasants who will be organized in cooperatives.

13. The debts of the agricultural workers, the poor, the small and the middle peasants to the state, the banks, the big landowners, the usurers, the capitalists will be canceled and the mortgages on their lands and the production tools will be abolished.

14. The assimilation and colonialist fascist terrorism policies and dirty war against the Kurdish nation will be terminated, and all obstacles to the use of the right of the Kurdish nation to establish its own state and to the freedom to agitate, propaganda and organize for this purpose will be removed. The right of unification of the Kurdish nation will be recognized and defended.

15. Full equality of rights will be ensured between Kurds and Turks in every field, the pressures on all languages and cultures will be stopped and a systematic struggle against Turkish nationalism will be waged, an effort will be made for Turkish and Kurdish peoples, Laz, Gypsy, Abkhaz, Georgian, Circassian, Arab, Armenian, Greek, Bosnian, Pomak, Syriac, Êzidî and other national communities to live together in the Union of People's Republics with their free will and on the basis of full equality of rights.

16. The reality of the genocide that the sovereigns of the Ottoman Ittihat Terakki (Union and Progress) committed against the Armenian, Syriac, Êzidî, Pontus peoples, and that the sovereigns of the Turkish Republic have embraced will be revealed with a full clarity and condemned. Right of equal citizenship will be granted to the children of these ancient peoples of Anatolia, who spread all over the world after the Armenian, Syriac and Pontus genocides, the declarations of intent of those who demand citizenship will be taken account, and the accommodation in the places they request and safe living conditions will be created.

17. The systematic genocide of the sovereigns of the Turkish Republic against the Kurdish people, starting from the genocides in Dersim against Kurdish Alevis and in Zilan will be condemned and the demands of the victims of the genocides will be met.

18. The power of the worker's and laborer's councils will support the world proletariat and peoples' struggles for national liberation, revolution and socialism with all the means, and be a revolutionary base of the world peoples against the imperialist states which try to enslave the whole world.

19. The aggressive expansionist politics followed by the ruling classes in the Middle East, the Balkans and the Caucasus and existence of their military bases will be terminated and the occupation in Cyprus will be eliminated. Their panturkist-panislamist expansionist politics aiming to poison Turkish workers and laborers with chauvinism and anticommunism under the image of defending the rights of Turkish and Muslim peoples and national communities in other countries will be exposed and rejected.

20. All the demands of the Palestinian nation in the revolutionary and democratic context will be supported, and it will be acted shoulder to shoulder with the struggle for the victory of the Palestinian Revolution.

21. 30 hours of work per week and one month of rest per year will be guaranteed for all workers. It will be completely banned to work overtime and at night except for the mandatory cases.

22. Child labor under the age of sixteen will be banned, the working time of those under 18 will be limited to four hours per day and the apprenticeship will be abolished.

23. All kinds of measures will be taken to prevent injuries and deaths due to shortcomings in the workplace safety and it will be supervised by the workplace committees and local workers' councils. The treatment and care of those injured for any reason during work will be secured.

24. The legal and other obstacles that prevent workers from freely carrying out political work and organizing in their workplaces will be removed. The right of political strike, solidarity strike, general strike and strike for rights will be accepted and lockout will be banned.

25. Equal wage rule will be introduced for female and male workers, and a fight will be conducted against the sexist division of labor in the distribution of work branches, with the methods such as positive discriminatory incentives and quota, and the requirements of women's health will be taken into consideration. 8 March will be declared as a paid holiday.

26. Legal arrangements containing penalty increase will be made in cases of violence against women and femicides.

27. Child care will be considered as a work of the society and children will be accepted as a social value, men and women will be given one-year paid maternity leave before and after the birth, baby feed and diapers will be provided free of charge, breastfeeding rooms, crèches and kinder gardens will be mandatory in all institutions with a considerable size.

28. Children's rights will be guaranteed; sexual, physical, economic, psychological violence and abuse of children will be defined in the context of serious offenses. Children's Rights Courts will be established for these crimes.

29. Abortion will be a legal right for all women and be provided free of charge. Birth control, birth method, etc. any restrictive law on matters relating to the right of women to control their own body will be revoked. Virginity control will be banned.

30. The living and working conditions of proletarian and semi-proletarian women working at home services and doing housework for the account of capitalists will be improved and their professional organizations will be established.

31. Necessary arrangements will be made for the elimination of domestic slavery of women and for the socialization of household works. The perception of the care of the disabled, the sick and the elderly as the duty of women will be eradicated. Female domestic laborers will be covered by basic wages and general insurance. Arrangements will be made for the promotion of the female domestic laborers to work in the social working areas.

32. The agreement of unity and separation is among the individuals. The Union of People's Republics will not be the addressee of marriage and divorce agreements. If the woman asks for it, the relationship can be reported to women councils. Women's councils are obliged to follow the rights of women and children in cases of unity and separation. No discrimination may be made between children, who are born in an reported or unreported relationship. Homosexual partnerships are treated equally with heterosexual partnerships in all social, economic and legal practices.

33. An effective struggle will be conducted against the sex industry, based on the steps involved in liberating women labor from domestic slavery and directing them to social life. In order to open the way for sex workers to work in different sectors, sex workers will be given priority in the employment in all economic enterprises under the control of the Union of People's Republic. Work and social rights of sex workers will be guaranteed until the sex industry is completely liquidated. The trade of sex slaves will be banned, and those who force women and lgbti+'s into sex slavery will be punished. The use of children in the sex industry will be declared as the crime against humanity.

34. Lgbti+'s rights of speech, action, organization will be assured, systematic ideological and political struggle against homophobia, transphobia, heterosexism and hate speech will be waged and penalty increase will be applied to heterosexist crimes.

35. Positive discriminatory policies in the access of work, housing, education, transportation, etc. will be applied to lgbti+'s, sex workers and other most excluded groups from social mechanisms.

36. It will be tried to increase the living standards of urban and rural poor and their professional rights will be guaranteed. Measures for the betterment of the living conditions of small peasants will be developed.

37. All employees will be provided with job security, multi-faceted economic and social measures will be taken to solve the unemployment problem and a general insurance system embracing all workers will be established. The unemployed, homeless, elderly, sick laborers will be protected with care. All unemployed and poor will be paid basic wages.

38. For the care, education and participation of disabled people in social life, positive discriminatory policies will be implemented in access to all social facilities like work, housing, education, transportation etc. and the needs of disabled people will be taken into consideration in social life.

39. All health services will be free of charge and a wide-ranging public health system will be applied.

40. Sports facilities will be established for all laborers.

41. Indirect taxes will be abolished, a single, graduated tax system will be implemented and the tax system will be arranged in a way to respect the workers and other laborers.

42. The solution of the housing problem will be initiated by a mobilization of mass housing and the introduction of the use of the houses converted into public property primarily for the laborers who are poor and need care. Work will be carried out to make residential, building and urban structures earthquake-proof and to eliminate nondurable structures.

43. Religious affairs and state affairs will be explicitly separated from each other, the current institute of religious affairs will be abolished, the oppression on different beliefs and religious communities starting from Alevis and the privileges given to some sects will be terminated, the political-islamist religious pressure which destroys the freedom of lifestyle will be eliminated, religion will be declared as an individual issue, and the freedom of belief of both believers and non-believers will be secured.

44. The asylum demands of those who are under the threat of massacres, torture and prison because of their participation in the class, gender and national liberation struggles, whose scientific and artistic activities are prevented, and who are forced to leave their lands due to war and occupation will be met, policies will be produced for those who are forced to migrate due to economical reasons in order to provide humane living conditions.

45. Today, the reactionary-fascist and sexist education system that poisons the youth with reactionary, fascist, chauvinist, religious and militarist ideas will be abolished. Universities will be made autonomous and democratic. Education will be combined with material production, all the necessary possibilities for a scientific and revolutionary education in mother tongue will be provided for all young people, paid-education will be terminated.

46. A large-scale educational mobilization will be conducted to raise the scientific, political and professional levels of adult laborers condemned by capitalism and the ruling classes to ignorance.

47. The military and bureaucratic censorship and all kinds of antidemocratic constraints in the fields of science, art and culture will be removed; scientific and progressive thought production will be supported.

48. Radio, television and the press will be removed from being the tools of silence and ignorance to the masses of the bourgeoisie and reaction. These communication institutions will become the means of dissemination of communist, democratic and scientific ideas under the supervision of the power of worker's and laborer's councils.

49. Effective measures will be taken against begging, alcoholism and drug use and all kinds of support will be provided for return to normal and productive life.

50. The worker's and laborer's councils will wage a decisive struggle together with the peoples and the revolutionary, democratic and peace-loving forces of the world for the prohibition and the destruction of nuclear, biological, chemical and other weapons that threaten all humanity.

51. The worker's and laborer's councils, on contrary to the capitalists and the imperialists who destroy the natural, historical environment in order to achieve maximum profit, will protect this common heritage of humanity, stand against the use of backward and dependent countries as a landfill for industrial wastes of the imperialist states, support the struggles against global warming and strive to take necessary measures on a world scale. The actions that threaten the existence of different living species and torture to animals will be banned and works will be carried out with the aim of establishing a harmonious relationship of the society with nature.