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18. Starting from the end of the nineteenth century, free competitive capitalism was replaced by monopoly capitalism. This period, in which bank capital merged with industry capital, capital export got ahead of commodity export, the determinant means of production began to gather in the hands of the monopolies and the world was shared among the monopoly groups and imperialist states fiercely competing for markets and spheres of influence, was the age of imperialism.

19. The fact that the law of uneven development of capitalism became much more prominent during imperialism and imperialism had made national economies a link to the chain of world imperialism rendered possible to carry out proletarian revolutions and establish socialism in individual countries through breaking through the weakest link of the imperialist chain.

20. In the age of imperialism, the contradictions among the imperialist states and the financial capital groups themselves, between the bourgeoisie and the proletariat in the whole world but especially in the metropolitan countries and between the imperialists and the oppressed nations and peoples of the colonial and dependent countries became sharper. The result of extreme sharpening of the contradictions of capitalism was the eruption of inter-imperialist wars, the socialist revolution of the proletariat against the bourgeoisie, the national liberation wars of the peoples of the colonial, semi-colonial countries and the anti-imperialist democratic revolutions. The age of imperialism is also the age of death of capitalism which has reached the final stage of its development, it is the age of proletarian revolutions.

21. Today is is a time characterized by the full control over the integrated world market in the production, trade and capital export, of international monopolies and the biggest ones of those, the world monopolies, which the production process has also become globalized, the speculative capital has gained a prominent position in the total capital movement, the international monopolies and imperialist states enter into a violent competition over the world market and a struggle of re-sharing the world on the basis of this competition, new colonialism has been transformed into a heavier form of yoke, financial-economic colonialism. Today, with this distinctive features, the world capitalism has reached a phase of imperialism, the stage of imperialist globalization.