Dursun Karataş is immortal!
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13 August 2008 / Central Committee


We have lost Dursun Karatas, leader of the DHKP-C, one of the revolutionary leaders of the struggle against fascism and imperialism, of the practice of asking account from the fascist torturer murderers and monopolist bourgeoisie, freedom lover who has never fit into the borders of the four walls of the prisons, as a result of the incurable illness that he suffered.
He has struggled for all his revolutionary life to grow the fight and to achieve the continuity of his Party and the revolutionary cause despite the heavy losses.
Now he has left the glorious and unyielding flag of struggle to his comrades. We fully believe that his comrades who took over this flag will successfully lead the fight for revolution.
He was a revolutionary leader who had received the sympathy of the oppressed and the hatred of the oppressors. The oppressed and the revolutionary friends of him will never forget him.
Our party MLCP and its fighters will act in accordance with the necessities of revolutionary comradeship-in arms. They will fulfil their revolutionary tasks by showing solidarity everywhere, by participating at his funeral in a massive way and making the oppressed defend him and participate at the funeral.
Condolences to all the oppressed, to his party DHKP-C which was led by him and to his comrades.
Dursun Karataş is immortal!
Long live revolution!