With the resistance at Zap and the spirit of serhildans towards Newroz!
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To our people,
we are meeting Newroz 2008 under conditions of a critical political period, the resistance in the region of Zap and the Kurdish national serhildan (uprise) as well as the wave of the working class and labourers with a tendency to grow. This national resistance and social movements are good signs for a new spring of the workers` and labourers` advance and of the joyful and enlightening big fire of Newroz.
The Turkish army did not only restrict itself to the bomb hailing on the PKK camps supported by the USA and Israel, but started to occupy South Kurdistan through land operations accompanied by a psychological war and life broadcast of the bourgeois media on February 21, 2008 following the dirty and collaborating market negotiations of the AKP government and the fascist generals. As expected, it got stuck in a quagmire from the beginning. And it had to withdraw because of the great resistance of the PKK guerrilla forces. By this, the will for war of the Turkish army, which is the "biggest" army of the Middle East and the "second biggest" of NATO, has been broken and eroded once again by the front struggle of the Kurdish guerrilla forces. The colonial annihilation and denial policy's crash and insolubleness led to an inner clash and dispute between the army and the CHP - MHP . It intensified the regime's crisis. The US solution plan which had been talked about for some time has been applied quickly, and all actors playing a role in this plan have started to take their places suitable to their duties. Those who did not manage to occupy the region of Zap have now difficulties to prevent the "inner" crisis which is intensifying more and more.
The Kurds in South Kurdistan hindered the Turkish army and the tanks to take part in the war. Mass actions against the occupation were organised in the Kurdish cities. The Kurdish people in Northern Kurdistan marched in the cities by following the line of national resistance with serhildans . Therefore, as a new progress of the national democratic mass movement the celebrations of Newroz 2008 will unite with the resistance fight developed bravely by the guerrilla in South Kurdistan and extend the area for the guerrilla struggle. This year the celebrations will expand in whole Northern Kurdistan and play the role as fostering the development and collaboration of the mass movement in the West and destroy all attack plans of the regime. Now, time has come to smash the manoeuvre of a "Kurdish packet" and the surrender and dishonour that are wanted to be realised through Talabani with the freedom fire on the streets and places where Newroz will be celebrated. The militant mass resistances performed against the US solution plan, which was developed to liquidate the Kurdish national movement, will continue to destroy the inner balance of the colonial system and its forces.
The Kurdish people are fighting for their national democratic rights. They demand national freedom, national identity and language. They demand equality of all rights concerning nations and languages. They want "freedom for peace, equality for brotherhood".
The solution of the regime on the Kurdish question, however, continues to be liquidation, annihilation and war. With all its secret accords and negotiations against the national democratic rights of the Kurdish people, the honour of the Turkish people is trampled under foot. Turkish labourer youth who were put on uniforms are continued to be send to death with the colonial war.
The "economical, cultural and political packet" that has been developed by the government and the general staff together after agreeing on the Kurdish question is actually a means to liquidate the Kurdish national democratic movement. The collaboration of the USA, Israel and Turkey as well as the collaboration of the AKP and the army are all about the harshness and war. As the USA imperialists` aggression and occupation did not bring democracy to Iraq, in the same way the US solution plan won't bring any "development" in the Kurdish question. The expectations on the "packet of developments" are simply empty liberal expectations.
With its 47% percentage of votes and as the life-saver of the colonial regime, the AKP government concentrates on supporting the realisation of the military clique's attack plans. Today, it investigates in some local elections with bribe money. However, with this fake "Kurdish representation" and all efforts to affiliate the Kurdish people to the colonial regime have already now met the Kurdish serhildans and the Kurdish guerrilla's resistance and were beaten off. Neither the violent nor the taming policies of the regime have worked out.
The Kurdish question continues to be the most critical topic of the regime crisis. While the insolubility of the Kurdish question continues, different social and political forces have brought forward solution proposals on the Kurdish question and form the basic and specific characteristics of the Newroz celebrations this year. The Kurdish people have started to expose the attack plans of the colonial fascist regime, the USA and Israel and the imperialist solution plans supported by the EU. The main duty now is to increase and develop this historical and political period
In the struggle against colonial fascism and capital, the wave of the working class and the labourers and the Kurdish national democratic movement gain the lead. They are politically, military and psychologically dominant and dominate with their mood, too; they have as well strong dynamics as well as historical and political conditions to follow this line.
It is the AKP government collaborating with the USA and the fascist generals which are responsible for the Turkish youth dying in the occupation of South Kurdistan. These young men are sent to death for the profit of the colonial system and the monopoly capital. We believe that the labourer Turkish people will raise their objections against the fake tears at the funeral ceremonies and the sayings for whom these young men died, for what, for which fatherland and in the struggle against which enemy. The bourgeois media that is the trumpeter of the psychological war will not manage to successfully hide the truth with its "Brave Mehmetcik" news. Everything will make the labourer people give the opportunity to think: The headscarf question, the Kurdish question, the deaths at the dirty war, the increase of military and political dependence on the USA and the consequences, the Cyprus question, the Armenian question, the Ergenekon clique, the bribery cliques, privatisation, the financial crisis and the economical stagnation, price increases because of war, tanks spraying water to the Tekel workers during cold days, SSGSS and other true questions and problems will make them look out for new things, new demands and actions.
The resistance performed at Tekel and Tuzla dockyard realised under conditions of a lynching culture and despite Turkish chauvinism's poison as well as the tendency of the workers, labourers, youth, women and pensioners to fight together against the SSGSS attack show strong economic, social and political data for a General Strike and General resistance. The labourer people's movement is now in a period of expanding and becoming stronger. The desire for struggling and the problems of the working class, the oppressed and the Kurdish people move more and more towards the same basis.
When the Saddam regime organised a big Kurdish massacre at Halabya, it was the USA supporting them. And today, it is again the USA who supports the colonial regime in their annihilation attacks carried out against the guerrilla. Because of this reason, all actions and activities from the anniversary of the massacre in Halabya to Newroz demanding a "labourer solution" in March must be considered as the way leading to a real solution in the Kurdish question, to a revolutionary solution. A "labourer solution" is the solution of freedom, democracy, justness and honour of our Turkish and Kurdish people hand in hand and shoulder to shoulder. It is the concretisation of the Turkish and Kurdish workers and labourers to live together freely, equally and brotherly.
We wish a happy Newroz 2008 to our Kurdish, Turkish and all the people of the Middle East! Let us blow up the fire of Newroz as the day of struggle against modern Dehaks, colonialism and chauvinism and for the peace, freedom and brotherhood of our people, let us increase this fire! Let us increase the "labourer solution" on the streets and places where Newroz will be celebrated!

Newroz Piroz Be!


MLCP Central Committee

12 March 2008