The martyrs are alive, the revolution continues
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MLKP MK/ 2 November 2007

In November, we commemorate the martyrs of the revolution, socialism and our party.

We commemorate with respect the classics of the world proletariat Marx, Engels, Lenin and Stalin, the great communist leaders Dimitroff, Enver Hoxa, K. Liebknecht, R. Luxemburg, the international revolutionary Che Guevara, who is commemorated by the people of the world at his 40th death anniversary, the first communist leaders of the Anatolian proletariat M. Suphi and his 14 comrades, the revolutionary leaders of 1971 Mahir, Deniz and Ibrahim, Irfan Celik, Adil Can and H. Honca, leaders of the precursor organisation of our party, the communist leader Fatih Öktülmüs, the leaders of the revolutionary movement Mazlum Dogan, Süleyman Cihan, Cafer Cangöz, Sebahat Karatas, and all martyrs of the revolution and socialism whose named were not mentioned here, they will stay alive in our struggle.

The Anatolian and Mesopotamian people,

On May 6, 1972, Deniz Gezmis walked towards the gallows of his assassination shouting the slogan “Long lives the fraternity of the Turkish and Kurdish people”. He seemed to have noticed the wave of chauvinism and racism that has been created today in our country against the colonialised Kurdish nation and oppressed people.

Turkish revolutionaries organised within the ranks of the PKK , such as Haki Kerer and Kemal Pir, who believed that the fraternity of the people can only exist under conditions of the freedom of the nations and the total equality of rights, fought as leading cadres of the Kurdish national liberation revolution. Ten thousands of PKK guerrillas and resistance fighters fell for the national and democratic rights of the Kurdish people. And this struggle meant at the same time fighting for the freedom of the Turkish people.

The martyrs of our party such as the founders of our party Süleyman Yeter and A. Haydar Göcer with their labourer plainness, insistence, determination, initiative and creativity were killed when they did revolutionary enlightenment work on the capital and fascism, organised and called for actions.

In the great death fast resistance that was lead against the f type isolation prisons 130 out of the imprisoned revolutionaries became martyrs. 500 of them became disabled. This action in the prisons of the capital and fascism, which was continued with strengthening the strong revolutionary attitude and tradition, showed that the revolutionary will can not be beaten. Comrade Tuncay Yildirim, of the founding members of our party, raised the flag of the death fast that he had started in the prison and still continued when he was released temporarily during this critical period and fell on Newroz. With this action, he became the symbol of the accordance of the idea with the practice of our party and the consistency as well as, at this time, where the Kurdish labourers had to face lynching attacks, a symbol for the fraternity of the Kurdish and Turkish people.

The leaders of the revolutionary resistance line of 1971 Ibrahim Kaypakkaya, Mahir Cayan and Deniz Gezmis were also honourable fighters in the war against imperialism and fascism. They fought against the US military forces and the 6th Fleet. The false enemies of imperialism such as the so-called Kizilemlacilar, the false “nationalist” fascist generals and the islamic reactionary forces that had been the false organisators of the so-called Kanli Pazar of today once clashed to be henchman and collaborator for the USA. Together with official militarist forces they made the blood of the revolutionary youth and the anti-imperialist forces spill. Look at this history, today, too, they continue to present the same affectation against the USA and the EU and in their anti-imperialist statements.

The martyrs of the revolution fought militantly against the attacks of the fascist regime in Corum , Maras and the Istanbul quarter Gazi in the first ranks. Such as it happened during the foundation of the quarter 1 Mayis in Istanbul, they fought in the quarters of the poor in the big cities, and during the demolitions of the labourers` houses they fought together with the poor at the barricades.

They fought as the “first link of the chain” during the working class` Resistance of June 15-16, on Mayday 1977 at Istanbul-Taksim, at the TARIS Resistance in Izmir and at every local and general resistance of the working class.

Erdal Balcı, Hasan Ocak, Hüseyin Demircioglu, Sengül Boran and the other party martyrs fought as the creators for the foundation of the MLCP, for the political and organisational development; they gave their blood and their life for it.

Workers, labourers, youth

This country is the land of the revolution. Ten thousands of sons and daughters of the Turkish, Kurdish, Armenian, Arap, Circassian and Laz people fell for freedom and socialism fighting against cruelty and oppression. This is a class struggle: On the one hand there are the workers, labourers and oppressed from every nation and people; on the other hand imperialism, the collaborating capital and the ruling classes that have the state in their hand. Class against class. So, this is the truest of the struggle. This struggle is our future. Do not diverge from this struggle!

Today, this struggle is the struggle for solidarity with the Kurdish people and to give them the hand of fraternity. This struggle means to oppose the colonial fascist regime’s approval for a cross-border expansioning and occupying operation in South Kurdistan. And it means to prevent the death of Turkish and Kurdish youth of our labourer people at this colonial occupation. Do not join the actions in favour of occupation and lynching that are organised against the Kurdish people, your brothers and revolutionaries!

Workers, labourers

The martyrs of the revolution and socialism were the bravest of us, our leaders who had fought passionately for freedom, justice and equality. They showed the way for the fight against wage slavery, capitalism and fascism.

They fell as your sons and daughters in the mountains, at the gallows, in the torture chambers, on the streets, were forced disappeared on the street, at the resistances in the prisons and at the death fast. Join the mass and special actions to commemorate our martyrs who as the vanguard troops paved a way at our historical march and left its marks. Joining this action means to defend your honour, future and hope.

Participate in the minute’s silence for the martyrs of the revolution that will be hold throughout the month in the factories, quarters, schools, at the offices of mass organisations and at home. Learn from their life of struggle. Give your children the names of the martyrs of the revolution and the party, the names that became symbols in this struggle. Disperse their pictures, give them to their neighbour, hang them up in your house and your work place!

Visit the graves of those who fell for the revolution, visit the place where they fell and their families.

Sing the songs and marshes at the commemorating actions that were loved by the martyrs.


The eyes of our martyrs are on us, their weight lays on our shoulders. This means that after the attacks in September 2006 that must equip us with a spirit of sacrifice, revolutionary discipline and determination concerning our historical and political duties just like they had done it. We must accelerate our steps, move forwards in a faster way, multiply our initiatives and strengthen our creativity. Finally, we must increase our level of organisation and action and by that, storm towards victory. Giving everything in this struggle and being selfless by exceeding the limits means to follow their way and to overtop them even. We must create new examples for the struggle.

Throughout November we must commemorate our martyrs at every place and at every meeting of the collective and of the mass which we organise at every level. To commemorate them means to make them to a source of power and inspiration for the solution and overcoming of the problems of our current/periodic and organisational activities with which the class struggle confronts us.

The martyrs are alive, the MLCP struggles!
Şehit Namirin! (Kurdish: "The martyrs are immortal!"
The martyrs of the revolution, freedom and socialim are immortal!


Central Committee
2 November 2007