Workers, labourers, youth and women;
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MLCP CC / 14 10 2007

 The fascist regime has tried to use the death of 13 soldiers that had been made instruments of the colonial war in Sirnak recently as a current practical means of the concept of attacks that is applied against the Kurdish people. The own inner tension and conflicts are left on the side, the fascist regime organises numerous terror summits and gives "orders and instructions" to militarist forces. With chauvinist provocations the fascist regime calls on for supporting the lynching attacks and the dirty war. Within this irresolvable situation, it continues to insist on its traditional policy of "denial and annihilation". The shouting for "cross-border operations" and a "total war" have created again new commotion.

The collaborating monopoly capital's ideologs, its political parties and the bourgeois media that is its paid voice life reflect the lynching attacks, fascist violence and militarism leading to ethnical slaughtering with the help of coloured headings of newspapers and coloured TV screens With chauvinist hysteria, it tries to strengthen the political, ideological, psychological and social basis for the policy of regional expansion with a scenario of occupation and in this sense to become a focus of a reactionary war centre.

By using the crying, the pain and the tears of the mothers and relatives of the soldiers, the monopoly capital continues to raise racism and leave a social mark concerning the hostility towards the Kurds and totally strengthens prejudices.

By provoking ethnic hostility and massacres Turkish workers and labourers as well as the rural poor are, of course, estranged from their own real class interests and real problems such as poverty, misery and unemployment.

And not yet satisfied, with creating tension, panic, threatening politics and calls for lynching attacks it aims at terrorizing and paralyzing not only the Kurdish people but the whole society of our region including the Turkish people at the same time, to make them unorganised and become inactive.

Workers, labourers and families of the soldiers of our Turkish people

Have you ever asked yourselves!

Why have your sons been killed with their soldier uniforms in Kurdistan for 23 years?

Why do Kurdish youth lead a guerilla struggle in the mountains? Why have Kurdish villages been bombed? Why have the Kurdish people been debased? Why have their national languages, identities, national and democratic rights not been accepted?

Why have Kurdish youth, children, intellectuals, women and its old people been killed and kidnapped in a thousand operations? Why have Kurdish people been chased from Turkish cities and residential areas and must face aggression such as "either you like it or leave it"?

Why have billions of dollars that could be spend for health, education and housing instead of having been allocated for military investments, militarization and the dirty war?
The answer to these questions is very clear and easy. There is a "Kurdish question" in Turkey. The Kurdish people want their own national and democratic rights that the Turkish people have already. The Kurds want their own language, identity and culture. This is what they struggle for. And today, this question has become a regional and international question. This can not be hidden any more.

The real addressees of the Kurdish question are you, the Turkish workers and labourers. The Turkish bourgeois state, the system parties, the governments, generals and bureaucrats have only made racist politics so far. They have considered it as right that the Kurds face denial, annihilation, blood and powder. They have imposed hopelessness and racism by force.

You have no interest, no problem that could not be shared with the poor Kurdish people.

We have all the same demands for freedom, social liberation, fraternity and justice.

The Kurdish people want fraternity. And fraternity is only possible under conditions of freedom and equality. This is why they demand their national freedoms. They want total equality of all nations and languages.

No to the parliament's decision on a permission for the occupation of South Kurdistan

As if the exploiting dirty war lead within the borders of Turkey today has not been enough, now with a formal request in parliament, it is tried to create a legal background for the occupation, war and state of war in South Kurdistan.

The debates in parliament have substantially the aim to occupy South Kurdistan and expand in the Middle East. It has also been declared several times that the prior aim is not the PKK but the formation of a Kurdish state and the status of Kirkuk. So, it is obvious that the reason for this aggression is a war that is planned to lead for the interests of the colonial system rather than the death of the 13 soldiers.

Just like US-imperialism has occupied Iraq, made poor people die as soldiers or make them become crazy and got stuck in the mud, all for the interests of the arm and oil monopolies; in the same way is the Turkish bourgeois state about to prepare the permission for a legal background in the interests of the generals and collaborating capital to occupy South Kurdistan and kill more young people.

Not only will the imperialist bandits let even smell the oil, it will be you who will face all consequences of the war. It is again the children of the labourer people who will be killed in this war. It will be again our people that will pay for this war.

Because of this reason you should reject parliament's decision. You should stand up against the fascist regime's aims of to occupy South Kurdistan and expand in the region.

If the Kurdish people are not free, the Turkish labourers and people can not be free, too. Regardless of the past, laws and politics are not only be used against the Kurds during the period of colonial wars. Political repression, war laws and such practices as well as laws will be continued against the Turkish workers and labourers, youth and intellectuals.
Our Turkish and Kurdish people,

the AKP government, the army and the president have agreed on a common will for war against the Kurdish people. And now they are have started a total mobilizing attack.

The support of the intelligence and the army of the USA, EU and Israel have not been sufficient. The Turkish Armed Forces, one of the strongest armies of NATO and the Middle East, expected a solution of annihilation from the USA and the administration of South Kurdistan. When this did not work out, they have now started their way towards the quagmire in which they will wriggle.

After the elections the AKP has quickly taken steps to become a war government. With its shouting for "cross-border" operations, its preparation and actions it has started a total attack against the Kurdish people and political organisations in Turkey and Northern Kurdistan.

And now, the MPs of the DTP , who have been yet under pressure, are attacked once again. They are forced to agree to the exploiting politics. DTP offices are shot. DTP mayors are taken under arrest and imprisoned. Mass arrests and detentions continue increasingly.

Some university students and teaching staff were asked to make statements, and with the help of reactionary and fascist trade unions such as Kamu-Sen and Memur-Sen, political parties, associations and sports clubs, the chauvinist wave is growing and it is aimed at creating political pressure.

Our Kurdish people,

the AKP thinks that if it increases its votes in Kurdistan, it could make the Kurds be bound to the system and regime again. This is a lifebelt for the colonial system. Together with the generals it wants to bury the Kurdish people`s national conscious, organisation and achievements. The AKP plans to use the votes it got from the Kurds during the elections as an arm against the Kurds.

The exploiting regime's longing for an occupation in South Kurdistan is based on its fear and anger towards the achievements and the posts that the Kurdish nation had gained in history. However, what could be more legitimate than 30 million Kurdish people claiming their national will in the Middle East! Defend their political, organisational and cultural posts and the foundation of a Kurdish state in South Kurdistan!

Unite the language of the mountains with the serhildan s, the language of the streets and places. Do not reject the dignified and free life that was created by the fight for freedom. The ruling of the tyrants will sooner or later finish due to the resistance of the oppressed people.

Workers, labourers,

it is us who come first when dealing with the developments that happen as a result of the occupation and war in our region. Because it us us who face the consequences. It is our children that die in this dirty war. The aim is to make us forget our class interests and the solution of our problems.

Do not take part in counter-revolutionary actions. Ask your friends and relatives not to participate in these reactionary actions that are the enemies of work and people. Take your fate in your own hands before it will be too late.

Stand up against the colonial fascist repression of the fascist regime against the Kurdish people and the Kurdish national movement and the call for a total war. Protest against the war campaign by the bourgeois media. Raise your voice against the provocations for a colonial war and ethnic slaughtering.

Join the political calls, antifascist and antichauvinist actions and resistances of our party MLCP and the other revolutionary progressive forces.

This fight is a fight for freedom, an honourable democratic freedom and fraternity.

All people are brothers. Fraternity, however, is only possible under conditions of freedom and equality.

Forward to the united struggle against the colonial war and lynching attacks!



(Marxist Leninist Communist Party)
Central Committee

October 14 2007