Hope is standing tall, the communists convict fascism!
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  MLCP Central Committee/ October 12 2007

To our people;
The communists who had been imprisoned in September 2006 due to an international operation called "Gaye" will be taken to court on October 26 2007.
Who convicts whom?
The communists are convicted because they fight for a world without classes and exploitation, for a free future and a happy and dignified life. They are of the active actors of the historical march in our region; they construct history. They have come from Kurdistan; they defend the freedom of the Kurdish nation to build a state and the equality of rights of the nations. They have come from the poor districts and symbolize the anti-fascist war of the labourers. They have come from the schools and carry the energy of the youth. They have come from the factories, work places, work areas and districts, trade unions, from the strikes and resistances of the working class; they have raised the social liberation struggle. They have come from the death fast s and the resistances in the prisons and torture centres; they display the courage of those who raise the dignity of the revolution and socialism. They have come from the barricades, revolts, occupations, from the centre of the social life and resistance. They have come from the peak of struggle of the workers, labourers, women, youth and all the oppressed. This is why they must face attacks by the colonial fascist dictatorship, are thrown into its prison and are convicted at its courts. They are convicted because they are the representatives and honor of the interests and future of the Turkish, Kurdish, Laz, Arab and Armenian people. Therefore, it is our hope that is convicted in fact! Nevertheless, the colonial fascist regime's power and its efforts to divert from the truth will not be sufficient to convict the communists in front of history and in the hearts of our people! The last word is always said by the resistance fighters!
It is the colonial fascist dictatorship and the existing capitalist exploiting barbaric system that are guilty and must be convicted. Their judges and puppet courts can not convict the communists.
Fascism and the reactionary ruling classes are guilty because they have condemned our people to misery and poverty. They are guilty because they have annexed and occupied Kurdistan, mercilessly lead the colonial dirty war and drive the young men of our people to death for their dirty aims. They are guilty because they have poisoned our people with chauvinism and racism, demolish their houses, destroy their future and lead to the destruction of nature and environment. They are guilty because they have strangled the demands of the working class and the oppressed for freedom, equality and justice in blood and have killed our people's brave revolutionary women and men.
So, the communists demand an account for all this. On the basis of the fact that they have been historically and socially right and their actions legitimate, they make a real conviction in the name of the proletariat and the oppressed. The ruling forces could imprison the communists, but they can not destroy their communist ideals and struggles as well as their march full of victory, they can not kill their hope! Hope is not only standing tall, it grows with the power it has got from the communists!
The end of September is October!
The fascist regime that imprisoned the communists with the attacks in September and created a big tangle with its portrait of a commander that achieved victory has made plans to extinct our party MLCP. By convicting the communists, it takes revenge of them for the struggle for freedom and socialism and wants to threaten the revolutionaries and communists. However, the fascist regime can see that it has been wrong. And today our party determinedly continues with its march. The MLCP is the hope of the working class and all oppressed. This hope can not be destroyed, and its march towards victory not be hindered. This hope will become victory on the way following the October revolution full of hope.

Workers, labourers, women, youth, Kurdish patriots, revolutionaries, comrades;
The trial on October 26 will be a big antifascist, anti-colonial and anti-capitalist trial. Those who want to be convicted will convict in fact. What is convicted is not only our history and our present but our future, too. In this historical moment the communists will defend and unite their struggle in fascism's court and on the streets and convict the colonial fascist dictatorship.
Let us strengthen this huge struggle of defending the revolution and socialism! Let us meet on this day in front of the court and raise our protests and solidarity in different ways wherever possible!

Down with the colonial fascist dictatorship!
Long live our struggle for revolution and socialism!
For the victory of the revolution, long live the MLCP!

(Marxist Leninist Communist Party)
Central Committee

October 12 2007