Long live our party MLCP in its 13th foundation year!
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September 10 is the anniversary of the foundation year of our party MLCP, the vanguard of the international proletariat in our geography. The MLCP is the will and determination to lead the working class and oppressed peoples` struggle to victory on the basis of its own historical legacy and experiences. Our party is the realisation of the Marxist Leninist Theory with a revolutionary program and action, an influential and revolutionary interference into the "spontaneous period". The MLCP is the coherent unity of revolutionary theory and revolutionary action.

The MLCP continues to make its own history with its revolutionary practice under conditions of a hard class struggle. Doubtlessly, the main part and honour of creating this history and constructing this organisation belong to our martyrs and imprisoned comrades. Concerning the historical and political duties, our party moves forward by feeling their weight on its shoulders.

Workers, labourers, youth and women,

The MLCP was born as a need as well as a product of the working class and oppressed people's struggle for freedom and socialism. Its historical march was realised in accordance with its individual political and organisational development line. Our party has acted concerning the timeliness of the revolution that will bring us the real liberation. Therefore, it is the hope of the millions of exploited, abased, cursed and oppressed.

Our party MLCP that moves forward following the line of a revolutionary struggle organisation in the geography of Turkey and Northern Kurdistan faced a physical liquidation attack in its 12th anniversary of its foundation year carried out by the colonial fascist regime. This attack aimed at the voice, representative, organisation and action of our working class and oppressed people. And it was an attack of the counter-revolution to break the revolutionary will and struggle growing concretely with our party. However, we can easily say that our party has become stronger during this period of will struggle. Justifiably, we are living the pride and joy. Our party's way of political struggle and traditions have confirmed themselves. Today, the traces of the main line of its own political and organisation development have become clearer. And we will move on in this way.

Workers, labourers,

Wherever the working class and labourers were economically, politically and ideologically oppressed, attacked and surrounded, our party was always there with a call for struggle and action. Wherever there was national, ethnic, sexual and religious denial, annihilation and oppression; the MLCP was there.

Wherever there were murders by the imperialist and collaborator capital on the basis of maximum profit such as it has happened at the shipyard Tuzla and where the working class and labourers were resisting and striking against wage slavery; the MLCP was there.

Our Turkish and Kurdish people,

With every day it becomes clearer how the neo-liberal policy of imperialist capitalism, imperialist threats, war and aggression as well as global warming and environmental problems make humanity face a big catastrophe. Thirst, drought, nature, pollution, air pollution and leakage of nuclear energy must be added to poverty, hunger and unemployment.

The AKP , the organising force of the neo-liberal policies, and its government can not fight against poverty, unemployment, malpractice and gangs, because it is the capitalist system and the fascist regime that produces these bad things. While all over the world, reactionary-fascist laws and organisations are created on the basis of imperialist globalisation attacks, this government can not realise democracy. While the policy of denial and annihilation is continued to be realised against the Kurdish nation and the danger of a regional war in the Middle East still exists, the talks on democracy bound to a "civil constitution" are a real deception. Liberal parliamentary evaluations and expectations of the EU period mean nothing else than the effort to prevent the struggle of our people for freedom.

Another truth is the racist, chauvinist Kizil Elma bloc* and front that has created a reactionary polarisation on the basis of anti-imperialist demagogy, Kurdish hostility and the provocation of the secular and anti-secular contradiction. This has estranged the labourers from their own class interests, made them unorganised, split and inactive. Without the fraternity of the people, the interests of the working class and labourers and the stance to labourer patriotism, the people will continue to be slaves and bow in front of their exploiting executioner.


the attack of the capital and fascism on our party has doubtlessly increased our historical and political responsibility. However, on September 9, we consciously, wilfully and stubbornly defended our posts following the active defence line and widened them. With revolutionary determination, continuity and persistence, we have followed the way shown to us and that had to be followed. This is an important guaranty that we will march successfully towards future.

The period we are living as well as the contradictions, tendencies of development and subjects of the political period have let our party that is in the centre of the revolutionary movement, face important current responsibilities and historical duties. We will successfully fulfil these duties.

It can not be forgotten that the USA with its strategic interests and its aims on expansion in the region will participate in the colonial fascist regime's plans of attacks on the Kurdish people and the Kurdish national movement in our country and attacks on South Kurdistan, Iraq and Iran to make our people drift towards a swamp of war. We will continue to fight against the denial and annihilation policy against the Kurdish nation and the collaborating stance in the imperialist war and occupation in the Middle East.

This period requires an increase of the organisational and quality level; each comrade and party organisation must have an intensified political and practical approach to their tasks and deepen their political and organisational line.
Hope is standing tall!

For the victory of the revolution, long live the MLCP!



Central Committee

8 September 2007

*Kizil Elma bloc is a national chauvinist front of different fascist and racist parties and organisations, among them also the "Workers Party" and the "Nationalist Movement Party".