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We are facing a period in which the parliament and government are in fact barred from their rule, the general staff displays his weight on the power, the crisis of the regime is escalating more and more and the conditions for a coup and a state of war are ready.
The general staff, who with the memorandum on 27 April hindered the candidature of the president by the AKP , is preparing to attack and occupy Southern Kurdistan at any time with its 200.000 men army stationed next to the border to fight the PKK and the formation of a Kurdish national state. The general staff as owner of the highest rank within the army of the colonial fascist dictatorship lets the bloody war in Northern Kurdistan escalate again, proclaims the "state of emergency" by declaring some regions to "security areas" and aims at extending this situation across whole Kurdistan and to increase the bloody colonial war through the occupation of Southern Kurdistan. At the same time, by that the general staff influences and leads the current election period.
The emphasis of the statement "Everyone who does not say "I am proud to be a Turk" is our enemy" of the 27 April memorandum is the open declaration of war against the Kurdish people and at the same time the preparation of the demand for a government to lead the war against the Kurdish people without any objections and in the way the generals desire it. The general staff's call on the people for a "mass reaction" completed this. This call is the plan for a civil war against the Kurdish people, Kurdish patriotic people and organizations. The fascist generals put the formation of a front between the Kurdish and Turkish people and the declaration of a civil war against the Kurdish people as part of the bloody war on the agenda and do this in the name of the "whole nation".

Turkish people,
With the formation of a front between the Kurdish and Turkish people and the creation of hostility between the people as well as the presentation of the formation of a Kurdish state in Southern Kurdistan as an act of hostility, the fascist general staff tries to draw them to their ranks and to use you as a means for its bloody aims. You must object this! Kurdish people are not your enemy but your sister people. The Kurdish nation has the right of self-determination as every other nation has. Do not take part in the attacks and provocations by the fascist generals, those forces which continue with the bloody war, the counter guerrilla murderers, the national fascists and the fascist lynch gangs! Do not take part in the war, expansion and occupation plans of the fascist colonial National Security Council! Your interest and your liberation demand the brotherhood with the Kurdish people and the common struggle against the common enemy! What else does the bloody war against the sister people mean than affronting human dignity and supporting slavery, what else does it mean? You have to object this violation of human dignity! Do not forget that the Kurdish sister people also fight for your freedom!

Sisters and brothers,
The "rallies for the Republic" which are organized due to the instructions of the clique of the fascist generals are now continued in another form for the dirty war, actions of mass lynching and massacres and for the support of the occupation plans against the Kurdish people. Those who organized "rallies for the Republic" yesterday, organize "rallies for the fatherland". These rallies are the product of the preparation of a bloody civil war against the Kurdish sister people, all progressive revolutionary forces and organizations and the progressive intellectuals. You must reject marching on this dirty and disloyal path! Do not take part at the dirty civil war rallies of the generals! Let the racist fascist murderers alone with their fate!
Our Turkish and Kurdish people, workers and labourers, all oppressed, let us give an answer to the racist, fascist polarization, which is extending more and more, of the colonial fascist dictatorship from our own front of freedom and with a total resistance!
Let us join the front of the anti-fascist, anti-militarist and anti-chauvinist forces and let us stop the dirty war, which is being extended and therefore increased, the annihilation of the guerrilla and the occupation of Southern Kurdistan! Progressive intellectuals, revolutionaries, comrades, let us found platforms
For the brotherhood of the people at every front of the struggle and destroy the fascist colonial aggression through our common resistance! Let us organize within defence and attack units against the dirty civil war attacks, which are imposed on us, and lynching massacres, which are going to be increased, and by that, unite the will of our people!

Down with the colonial fascist dictatorship!
No to the occupation of Southern Kurdistan!
Long live the brotherhood of our people!

Central Committee

10 June 2007