Against imperialist war, capitalist slavery, fascist and chauvinist aggression: Come on to the streets on Mayday!
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Workers, labourers, Women, youth!

Mayday is approaching, the international day of unity, struggle and solidarity.

On the way to Mayday we can see that the imperialist capitalist world did not give us today again nothing else but imperialist aggression, occupation and war, capitalist exploitation and barbarity, economic and social destruction, national and religious conflicts, global warming, chronic unemployment and social misery.

But we also see at once that the harbinger of the day that will come for sure of the brotherhood of the peoples and the freedom and the spring of moral of the peoples of the world; the continuing resistance in Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon and Palestine, the revolution in Nepal and the wave of anti-imperialist struggle in Latin America is weakening and breaking the imperialist will of war. The search of the world working class and the oppressed for "another world" against the capitalist neoliberal attacks continues and spreads in form of international mass movements.


In Turkey, we face Mayday in a situation, in which politically, economically, culturally, concerning the foreign policy and the social life only the generals, the civil and military bureaucracy, the government, TUSIAD , the bourgeois media, the fascist gangs and the lynch rabble are speaking, in which threats are made and fear is spread, they speak of military coups, they divide and disorganise the force of the workers and labourers by political tensions and chauvinist provocations, in which the trade-unions are made institutions, which shall be bind to the regime and the workers and labourers are just in a position to look on.

But those, who spread the fear and use methods of the psychological warfare, actually are afraid themselves. They fear that the revolutionary and oppositional press spreads the truth, that the workers and labourers took to the streets and ask account; they fear the massive and political organisation. A united massive and militant anti-fascist and anti-chauvinist mass movement is developing, composed first of all the Kurdish people and also the masses of workers and labourers, the intellectuals and artists, the youth, mass organisations, revolutionary and progressive parties. That is to be seen in the strong protests against the attacks against revolutionary organisations and newspapers, the enthusiastic, massive and determinant holding of Newroz in spite of provocative tensions and threats and in the anger of hundred of thousands, which exploded in the funeral of Hrant Dink.

Workers, labourers!

Of 946 billionaires of the world 26 are living in Turkey. The capital of the collaborating monopoly bourgeoisie corresponds to 10% of the national income. In three years the capital rose by 3.5 times and reached today 37.5 billion dollars. In the same country, 26 millions of people are living at the poverty line. Attacks like outsourcing, flexible production and lean production have condemned our working class to slavish conditions of work. They are experiencing all the disorder and outrageousness of the system of wage slavery. Millions of workers are working without trade-unions and without any insurance.

On Mayday 2007 we should, summoning up strength from the revolutionary-progressive mass movement, which recently entered a process of development, express once more that we began to take our destiny in our own hands and express our desire for freedom, and justice.

On this day, we should internalize the determinacy of struggle and the tradition of the 500.000 workers and labourers, who challenged capitalism and fascism on Mayday 1977. We should salute the 37 workers and labourers, who we lost in the counterrevolutionary attack that time. Let us revive our martyrs after 30 years by our united, revolutionary and massive Mayday meeting taking place in Taksim again. For this banner of struggle and this heritage, these 15 and 16 of Junes, the mayday meetings 1977 in Taksim and 1996 in Kadikoy, the big and small resistances and strikes belong to us. They are places of our history as revolutionary class, which will liberate humanity and the world.

Let us stand up on this day against the fascist regime, the fascist lynch rabble, the attacks of the contra-guerrilla, the hysteria of chauvinism and nationalism, against them drugging us, the workers and labourers, with the lies of "separatism and terror" and trying to estrange us from our class interests, against the capitalist system, which shows the Armenian and the Kurdish people as the enemy instead of its exploitation, unemployment, plunder, corruption and injustice.

On this day, every part of the international proletariat at every continent of the world will demand Freedom, brotherhood, justice and equality in their own language and with their own voice, blacks, whites and reds, Asians, Africans, Cubans and Kurdish, Iraqis and Palestinians, Nepali and Ecuadorians. They will call out their longing and their wish for a new world. Thereby, they will not just in one city, one country or one country become a part of the international proletariat on this great day of struggle but as workers of the world; with their own music, their dances, slogans and demands.

Let us, in Anatolia and Mesopotamia, also raise higher the banner of freedom, socialism and internationalism.

Our Kurdish people!

Once more it has been seen that the solution plans and statements of the US and EU imperialists, the oligarchy of the Turkish capital and the government only serve to distract, to oppress and to concrete the Kurdish question. In the days before the election of the president of the republic, the politics of tension, the provocative attacks and the dirty war of the fascist generals and the gangs of the bad front of the "Red Apples" (tn: fascist alliance formed by different parties and organisations) are increasing more and more. The detention of hundreds of leaders of the DTP (Party of the Democratic Society) and elected Kurdish mayors and the raids, prohibitions and detentions against the Kurdish patriotic press are the results of the total fascist siege and attacks.

The real friends of the Kurdish people are the Turkish workers and labourers, the Lazs, Arabs, Circassians, Armenians, Georgians, Muslim Bosnians, Greeks and Roma workers and oppressed. The honoured and dignified future of the Kurdish people depends on the brotherly, united and revolutionary struggle together with these forces. As revolutionary and progressive movement we have to take a stand against the ongoing attacks on the DTP and the Kurdish people on Mayday.

Let us carry the resistance of Semdinli , the Serhildan of Diyarbkair, the determinacy, militancy, massiveness and the enthusiasm of Newroz to the mayday squares in order to frustrate the plans of the colonialist fascist regime to make the peoples of the Turkish, Kurdish, and Armenians enemies and to provoke ethnic massacres. Let us join our national and democrat demands with the common demands and slogans of the working class and the labourers and take to the streets. Let us strengthen the united revolutionary-progressive barricade against fascism, chauvinism and dirty war.

Workers, women, youth!

Let us make Mayday a day of unity and struggle of the working class in Turkey and Northern Kurdistan, the working class of the Middle East and the peoples!
Let us make Mayday a day, on which the banner and the voice of class brotherhood against war, chauvinism and racism are raised!
Let us make Mayday a day, on which the class affiliation and the class interests remain in the centre and social liberation against the capital is called out!
Let us stop the production in the factories, enterprises and industrial zones on Mayday!
Let us turn off the machines and close down the shops in the districts of the labourers!
Let us organise boycotts in the schools! Let us take to the streets on Mayday!
Let us fill the streets on Mayday for freedom, justice and socialism!

Brothers and sisters!

MLCP, which raises the banner of revolution and socialism in the struggle against the system of wage-slavery and fascism, is your party. It goes on to grow the hope of the working class and the oppressed with its programme and its actions. Therefore, it is exposed to attacks and sieges by the imperialists and the colonialist fascist regime. With its revolutionary will, its effective political line and determinacy it did not hesitate not even one second to fight back these attacks. Even today it challenges capitalism and fascism.

Take part in the work of our party for Mayday! The fascist dictatorship convicts the revolutionaries, the communists, the vanguard of the working class and the labourers. Stand up for them; convict fascism in its own dock. Take your class brothers, who have got the same destiny and the same class interests as you have, your friends, partners and relatives with you to Mayday! Increase the struggle for a free and dignified world by joining the ranks of MLCP!

Let us go to Taksim on Mayday, let us ask for account!!
Long live Mayday, long live socialism! Biji Yek Gulan Bıjı Sosyalizm!
Long live the brotherhood of the peoples! Bıjı Bıratiya Gelan!
Long live proletarian internationalism!

Central Committee

06 April 2007