Like one single fist, like one single barricade against fascism!
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The fascist contra guerrilla-gangs have murdered deviously the editor-in-chief of the newspaper Agos and Armenian intellectual Hrant Dink in Istanbul. This is a counterrevolutionary act of the unbridled Turkish chauvinism and the aggression of the lynch culture, brought up and organised by the regime, which is in an intensifying crisis. This time, a contra-action, which is used at every turning point of the development of the antifascist mass movement, always when it is at the point to overcome a threshold, has been surrounded red-handed. The fact, that they used the puppet Ogun Samast and the statements on "drug addicted" and "outer areas of conflicts" will not be able to conceal this reality.
Under the circumstances, in which the Middle East and Turkey are dragged fast in a new process of political chaos and confusion, such a crime cannot be considered as an attack directed only against the Armenians. The colonialist regime prepares and plans an attack against Southern Kurdistan and the Middle East. It is obvious that within this expansionist aggression the aim is in the country, in the hinterland, as you could say, to intimidate, smash and force back the revolutionary and progressive oppositional forces and the antifascist movement.
The regime provokes the Turkish chauvinism through the Kurdish problem, through roaring about occupying Kerkuk and Southern Kurdistan, the Armenian problem, the question of Cyprus and the relations with the EU, it enforces the lynch rabble. The national and democratic rights and demands of the Kurdish nation and the other ethnic minorities are oppressed with political violence and prohibitions. The masses of the Turkish workers and labourers are estranged from their own class interests and problems. It attacks the revolutionary, progressive parties, mass organisations, intellectuals and journalists, who enlighten the masses and call them to action.
The assassination of Hrant Dink is a part of the attack in order to "smash the hope", which the fascist regime carries out during the last month against the revolutionary movement, the antifascist forces, the Armenians and the Kurdish people. The aim consists in crushing and intimidating the tendency of development, of the movement among the progressive intellectuals and artists. Because the conference "Turkey looks for its peace", which took place in Ankara, aroused interest and came on the agenda. Broad and different political sections began to discuss the Kurdish problem.
The intellectuals, journalists and artists started to take an attitude against the F-Type Isolation. Their actions against the nationalist lynch attempts and attacks against people like Orhan Pamuk, Elif Safak and Hrant Dink, who were tried on the basis of the paragraph 301 of the Turkish Penal Code, are increasing.
Their solidarity with the organisations, which have been the target of the attacks of the anti-terror law, like ESP , the newspaper Atilim, Ozgur Radyo, the trade-union Limter-Is and HOC is growing stronger.
The assassination of Hrant Dink is at the same time directed against all the Armenian people. The Armenians are one of the oldest peoples of this region. But they suffered a big genocide and humiliations in their homeland. They were exposed to a historical annihilation and lack of rights through forced immigration and assimilation.
The history of the fascist dictatorship is full of such ethnic and political crimes. In the time to come they will orientate themselves towards new contra-attacks.

We can repulse the action of the contra-guerrilla

The "good boys", those referred to by "our boys" from the USA are in action. Only the revolutionary movement and the antifascist mass action and forces of our peoples can repulse their contra-actions.
This way is to be one single united fist, one single barricade against fascism and to develop at once and on the streets militant and massive actions. The solidarity movement with the ESP and with HOC was a strong sign for the development and the increase of a revolutionary-progressive mass movement.
This consciousness, feeling and action of solidarity have reached even broader parts and a mass character with the defending of Hrant Dink. Next to the revolutionary and progressive parties are also the intellectuals and artists, liberal parties and forces, oppositional press, trade-unions, Kurds, Alleviates, mass organisations, associations, professional boards, youth and women organisations. This social and political fundament, these social dynamics and potentials may repulse the chauvinist wave. What remains is the development of the united revolutionary will, leadership and action. Self-defense groups or platforms, forces, means and actions on the line of the active defense and the legitimate struggle can fight back these attacks.
Also the power of influencing the society of the fascist demagogy is limited. Even now the fear resulted from the "left psychology" shows itself. Yes, they shall be afraid, the struggle for revolution and socialism is labour, is peace, is freedom and fraternity of the peoples. Because this struggle is the struggle of the international proletariat, who knows no differences in language, religion, nationality, colour and region.
Today this region, the labourers and oppressed of this region, the history of the social struggles of this region call upon each revolutionary and progressive party, group and person, upon every labourer to stand in the struggle against imperialist aggression and fascism as one single united fist, as one single barricade.
The bourgeois Turkish state will not take the secret contra-organisations and gangs to account. We have seen that already in Semdinli , in Yuksekova, in Diyarbakir, in Susurluk and countless trials against members of the gangs. The false tears they shed, the flags and funeral ceremonies can not hide the truth. Because the contra guerrilla, that is the state itself.
We will take the fascists gangs to account. We are stronger; for we are the workers, the people, the oppressed. As the will of war of the imperialist and Zionist aggression broke in Iraq, in Lebanon and in Palestine in the face of the resistance of the peoples, also the will of attack of fascism, militarism and the capital will break in our region in the face of our revolutionary war.

Down with chauvinism, long live the fraternity of the peoples!
Long live revolution and socialism!

Central Committee
21 January 2007