Let's commemorate our martyrs in a way they deserve
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Workers, labourers, women and youth;

We are commemorating the martyrs of our Party and the revolution through collective activities. In a period when we concentrated to resist and repulse the fascist-imperialist September attack and surrounding with a widespread and active resistance, we are learning more than ever from our martyrs. In this critical moment of the war for posts between us and the colonialist fascist regime, the special importance of commemoration of our martyrs in a way they deserve is rather clear. We are fulfilling this task with a great enthusiasm, joy and pride and will continue to do so. We promised for victory to our martyrs!

We know that the fight for revolution and socialism would take strength from certain sources when advancing on its difficult course. Our martyrs are, undoubtedly, one of the main sources of strength for our fight. Today, the distinguished and special attitudes taken by our martyrs in all critical points of our march for revolution is showing us the way more than ever. Attitudes of those of us who unhesitatingly marched to the death continue to be the source of inspiration for all of us.

Erdal is the first bullet and shows the way that we should follow!

Sengul is the address of accumulating strength and preparation!

Hasan is identical with revolutionary uprising and the visible silhouette of the party!
Huseyin is the symbol of leadership that is materialised in the spirit of sacrifice and devoted revolutionary!
Erkut is a present for us of the proletariat’s revolutionary characteristics!
Suleyman is the invincible barricade of the revolution against the wave of fascist attacks!

Ali Haydar Gocer is a character that combined the virtue of communist cadre with the party style!

Ozgur Evrim is the wind of self-trust, courage, comradely love and clemency!

Kayaci and Tuncay is the proletarian internationalist brotherhood of our peoples!

Ali Bugun is a stage of renewing, overcoming borders/statue quo and in party style!

And the others!...It is the revolutionary communist virtues and resistant lines of our martyrs what make us as us.

Bothers and Sisters;

The commemoration of the martyrs of revolution and communism under the current conditions where the fascist colonialist regime forms a new total war concept, where it attacks mercilessly against all progressive and revolutionary dynamics of our peoples after putting in force the new TMY (Anti-terror Law) in order to justify the concept; where it concentrates on the liquidation of Kurdish national movement and the revolutionary movement of Turkey and Northern Kurdistan through imposed fascist-imperialist surrounding; where it tries to seize the gained posts, at first represents a revolutionary response of the political process. It means to be a barricade against chauvinism and liquidation. Commemoration of our martyrs means to fulfil our tasks for them. It means to increase the struggle for revolution and socialism every passing day, to raise more the red banner that we took from them. It means to let them live and always keep in our fight by girding on their commitment in the cause and revolutionary-communist virtues. It means to fill their shortcomings and overcome them by girding their magnificent virtues. It means to deepen in the party style and gird on revolutionary willpower. It means to grow the fire of revolution and make invincible the party.


The message given to our party by the fascist colonialist regime is clear. Through its concentrated fascist-imperialist blockade, it aims to destroy our brain, crush our body and then to imprison us to the bourgeois legality by breaking our willpower. But all of them are in vain! We smashed and will continue to smash the fascist-imperialist surrounding which has been imposed on our party and, in its personality, the revolutionary movement of Turkey and Northern Kurdistan. We always feel on us the looks of the martyrs. Like them, we will never deviate from our style of struggle and line whatever the cost. We will show no hesitancy on any task and responsibility. We will defend our party -the only richness of ours- the achievements of our revolutionary fight and our revolutionary posts until the end, and will continue to suit our martyrs with the call: “revolution until the victory”.

And while commemorating our dear martyrs, we once more announce before them that we did establish our party with our teeth and nail. We, therefore, promised to defend it with artilleries and rifles from whoever targets it. Our martyrs are a flag in our hands, and we are marching fearlessly with the power that we get from them, today also.

Martyrs of revolution and communism are immortal!

Long live revolution and socialism!

For the victory of revolution, long live MLCP!


Central Committee

November 2006