On the Path of October Revolution in 21st Century SOCIALISM WILL LIBERATE THE WORLD
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1917 October Revolution is the date of ending the system of waged-slavery in Russia and of the establishment of the working class and labour power. It is the day for beginning of the realization of socialism as an historical necessity through "Soviets", the organ of power in SU.

The ongoing discussions and re-evaluations upon the October Revolution -despite the passing of 89 years- show that the October Revolution phenomenon is not limited with Russia, on the contrary, it has an international character. Today, the October Revolution still shows the way to the proletariat and oppressed people of the world and continues to be the source of inspiration.

October Revolution is a breakthrough that opened the way for practising socialism, which was only a theory until than, and that provided the theory to be turned into a material force. October Revolution has shown whole world that the bourgeois understanding, which claims "capitalism will exist forever, socialism is a utopia and cannot be put in practice", is totally a demagogy. October Revolution is an expression of upsurge in the proletariat's and exploited classes' methods of struggle, forms of organising, style of life and thinking; it is the expression of mankind's tending from capitalist world to a socialist world. October Revolution, therefore, is a qualitative leap in the historical development; it is the first step in passing from the world based on the exploitation to the world that does not recognise exploitation. It opened the age of proletarian revolutions.

The world proletariat and mankind have seen and experienced the change and transformation created within the human life by the socialist practice in the SU and other socialist countries. Through socialist power, the product of October Revolution, the exploitation and class repression on the working class ended, and unemployment, hunger and poverty were also given an end through building of socialism. The question of education, health and housing was solved in a way that cannot be seen in the capitalist countries. A fight carried out against the private property, the social material basis of repression over the women.

Strangles and massacres based on the national, ethnic and religious prejudices and contradictions were ended. Under the conditions of USSR, the mosaic of nations, nations and peoples lived in equality, freedom, honour and brotherhood.

The working class and labourers tended to join actively in the political, social, economical and cultural life.

October Revolution smashed the system of world economy, the "world imperialist front". In the SU, socialist economy achieved a great and attractive success, based on the central planned economy and the principle economic law of socialism. The great success in the sphere of economy influenced countries within the capitalist system. Some countries tended to the planed economic development, the state capitalism although they were only in form. Bourgeoisie have had to put in force the "social state" implementations due to the pressure of the economical and political successes of socialism.

The influential results of the crush of fascism through determining struggle of the Red Army and the people of Soviet Union in the 2nd World War and of the strengthening of the socialist system in the world echoed in various forms to the capitalist countries. The working class and labourers' love and sympathy for socialism grew. Bourgeois system parties claimed the concept of socialism and symbols; even fascist parties have exploited the prestige and attraction of socialism under the name of "national socialism". Thanks to the results of socialism's inerasable historical footmarks and its experienced attractive practice, some parties and governments of monopole bourgeoisie are still carrying the name of "socialism" in our day, where imperialist bourgeoisie and its ideologists say "socialism is died".

The face of the world proletariat and peoples have turned towards socialism

October Revolution and socialism in the SU became the greatest supporter of nations and peoples those who were moaning under the colonial captivity and dependency. However, the people's war in Asian continent and Nepal, revolutionary battles and anti-imperialist governments of Latin American countries; the Iraq, Lebanon and Palestine resistances in the Middle East do feel and experience the lack and absence of socialist system, today also. We are seeing how the brotherhood and freedom of peoples under the conditions of socialism have been replaced with national, ethnic and religious strangles and conflicts in the Balkans, Middle East, Asia and Africa. It is being once more proven that the full equality of rights for the oppressed nations and languages, the peoples' brotherhood and freedom can only be possible under socialism.

The international mass movements appeared as a result of social destruction and damage created by the imperialist globalisation attacks; the search and initiatives for "another world" by the youth, working class and labourers in Germany, France, Greece and other countries of Europe are expressing totally the bearing towards socialism in the 21st Century.

Today, although the revolutionary and communist forces are divided, scattered, spontaneous and ineffective, the social material basis of socialism in single countries, regions and on the international arena is much more matured. The world proletariat do have the rich and advancer experiences of the socialist struggle and socialist practice. The opportunities, dynamics and conditions are grown for a socialist battle. This is being proven by the economical, social, national contradictions and conflicts on the international arena, the awakening and uprising of masses, their searches and bearings, the foundation of revolutionary organisations and parties, and development of their level of actions and struggle.

The imperialist bourgeoisie and their local collaborators are forming new fascist-reactionary institutions, signing international agreements and treaties, and attacking on the revolutionary and communist organisations by collaborating on the international level, because they see the wave of movement of the masses from the below, their awakening, bearing and action. The fascist attack carried out against our party, MLCP, in September 2006, is a part of this international offensive.

In the beginning of the 21st Century, the world working class and peoples have again turned their faces towards socialism. Revolution and socialism is something actual, because the search for "another world" is socialism.

The attacks of the imperialist bourgeoisie and its ideologists on Marxism-Leninism, their try to led achievements of the October Revolution to be forgotten or to distort them will not give any result. In our day, the communist parties are face to face with a task to overthrow capitalist system by taking lessons from October Revolution, building of socialism in USSR and its destruction in 1956. The communist parties are face to face with a task to deal in the social liberation perspective with the anti-imperialist struggle, national liberation fights of the oppressed peoples and dependent nations, and to lead this struggle in person.

The first years of the 21st Century show that the victory of socialism is possible worldwide. The bases of capitalism will be destroyed; the proletariat and mankind will reach a stateless and classless world without borders and exploitation when the experiences of the socialist practice and the much more matured material bases of socialism met with its subjective forces.

October Revolution opened an epoch. MLCP will walk along the path of October Revolution.

Central Committee
October 2006