Forward for a united revolutionary resistance! We will resist and win! The army of hope is still on its feet!
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On the 21st September, after the 8th of September, the colonialist fascist dictatorship has once more attacked to the democratic institutions and offices of socialist newspapers under the name of "MLCP Operation". In this total attack -which is still continuing all over Turkey and Northern Kurdistan- against Marxist Leninist communists, offices of newspapers and magazines, offices of ESP (Socialist Platform of the Oppressed), neighbourhood associations, trade-unions, radios, democratic mass organisations and houses have been raided with the show of fascist militarist forces, intense surroundings and scenes of chauvinist lynches. Computers, books, documents, archives and private notes were plundered by fascist mentality, nearly 100 journalists, unionists and revolutionaries have been taken into custody.

The attack -which is completely the same of the fascist martial-law and trials, the days and the detentions of the military coups - targets at first the Kurdish national movement and the revolutionary forces, but, in essence, the working class, labourer masses, all the oppressed and oppositional forces. This attack is a dirty, dark and lawless attack that has been carried out with the collaboration of CIA, MOSSAD and MIT , and under the coordination of MIT, General Staff and the Police.

The Turkish bourgeoisie, its government and Generals wants to put in silence the revolutionary forces, the honourable voice and vanguard of the Turkish and Kurdish people, and to liquidate, intimidate and weaken the revolutionary positions in order to take part without any refusal and hindrance at home in the USA's strategic policies and projects on the Middle East; in its war for creating a new Middle East and to compete with others in serving the imperialist masters.
In order to liquidate the Kurdish national movement, it wants to break the will of the forces, dynamics and centres that could uprise in the West.

It wants to put in silence the revolutionary and socialist press, radios and democratic mass organisations that announce political realities, enlighten our people and call on them to join in the struggle.

Today, they have attacked with TMY (Anti-terror Law) to the Marxist Leninist forces because their political and organisational development line has put in fear the imperialist forces and their collaborators. For Marxist Leninists are directly slapping on their faces the realities and are challenging them. But all are in vain; the MLCP -in which the power, class-anger and struggle will of the working class, labourers and the oppressed are symbolised- will ask account of all these fascist attacks. Their strength is not going to be enough to defeat Marxist Leninist communists. For MLCP is the people. It is the future of the working class and peoples. It is the army of hope.

The historical reality of the Turkish bourgeois state has shown that the freedom will only come with the overthrow of bourgeois state's fascist and bureaucratic structure through the revolutionary violence of the masses.

While the capital and the fascist state, which is a tool of the bourgeoisie and the generals for political repression, is organised and equipped from top to bottom with arms, chauvinism and reactionary ideologies through its army, police, courts, counter-organisations, dirty and dark media, universities, religious organisations, gangs and etc.; they are not showing even a slightest tolerance to the existence of mass organisations, limited, legitimate positions which are gained by the struggle of workers and labourers.

They want always the Generals, police chiefs and government spokespersons to talk, to give orders and implement all types of repression and prohibition against the people. They want workers in Tuzla dockyard, villagers in Bergama, hazelnut farmers in the coast of the Black Sea not to struggle for their rights; they want poor Kurdish people not to demand freedom, not to raise its voice but to continue as docile slaves.

They want Turkish youth, who wore military clothes, to get killed in the dirty and dark war; they want the Kurdish youth to be killed by their labourer brothers. And they want the anger and reaction not to increase!

We believe that the socialist Atilim Newspaper's announcement of political realities, the light spread out by the socialist enlightening work will continue to scare the bourgeoisie and Generals. For they are the source and ground of darkness, dirtiness and gangs. The involvement of soldiers, police, civil-fascists and system parties within the gang groups is not a by chance. They are the people who take bribes, launder money and get unearned money.

We believe that, as an alternative revolutionary podium, the Art and Life magazine will continue to stand against the bourgeois art and culture with the revolutionary art and culture.

We believe that the honour of the working class, the revolutionary and fighter unionism will grow by taking a material form in the Limter-Is and Tekstil-Sen . For the working class and labourer masses are not doomed to waged slavery system, capitalism. The world will be liberated by socialism.

We believe that the Socialist Youth Associations will continue with their line and tradition of militant struggle. Universities are not going to be the places of handful fascists and the police.

We believe that the women from Labourer Women's Association will continue to fight against sexual, national and class exploitation and oppression, and will continue to denounce the state's sexual abuser and rapist face.

We believe that the anger which grows and accumulates in labourer neighbourhoods one day will blow up and will wipe out the bourgeoisie and generals.


This merciless attack and plunder against our party is a result of the fascist regime's helplessness, fear and anger in the face of our "developed practice" and action. We will defend all our positions with our revolutionary will and militant stance against these attacks. This is a legitimate resistance of the working class, peoples and our party on the imperialist and fascist aggression. Let's put in vain and run all these fascist blockades and attacks through legitimate forms and tools of resistance in all places, in the organisation buildings, houses and streets!

Let's protest this arrestment terror through united and total struggle, demonstrations and press meetings everywhere, in Turkey, Northern Kurdistan and abroad.

We are on the correct path. We will defend our peoples` social and political demands, show our political reflex immediately and mount our struggle for political power. We will take our place at the side and in front of the workers strikes and resistances, revolutionary fight of the labourer neighbourhoods and just demands of the hazelnut farmers. We will oppose Chernobyl, industrial wastes, landslides in the mines that kills the workers, killings at work in Tuzla and demolishing of shanty houses. We will stand against chauvinism and social-chauvinism and defend the Kurdish national struggle. We will increase the solidarity with Kurdish national movement against the colonialist denial and annihilation policies on the basis of labourer patriotism in the West and socialist patriotism in Kurdistan.

Comrades-in-arm from other revolutionary parties and organisations,

The attack against our party targets the revolutionary movement in general. This attack is completely the same of military fascist period. We can repulse these attacks through a united revolutionary will and resistance. Therefore, we must consider the attack on every revolutionary and progressive party, organisation, association, trade-union, mass organisation, newspaper and magazine as an attack that has been made against ourselves and increase the struggle. It is the day of united struggle. Let's increase this revolutionary value and tradition of ours again in the common struggle.


Central Committee