For the Victory of Revolution, Long Live MLCP!
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Workers, Labourers, the youth, revolutionaries and comrades;

Between 8 and 12 September, the colonialist fascist dictatorship carried out an offensive of detention and imprisonment towards our party. Under the yells for victory, the Governor of Istanbul and the Chief of Police stated that they have organised the biggest "arrestment operation" of the last few years. They presented a large number of revolutionaries related to and not related to our party, journalists and editors who are well-known by the public opinion as "terrorists" and imprisoned them. They claimed that they had "ruined MLCP completely" and started an intense psychological war.

The history of revolutionary and patriotic movement in Turkey and Northern Kurdistan is familiar with such attacks and psychological war propagandas. In recent years, in 1996, the Menzir-Koyakcioglu trinity filled the same balloon with air against the MLCP, but the balloon was left in their hands!...And in 1997, those balloons were blown up in their own hands. Now the Guler-Cerrah trinity are doing the same thing like the commanders who won a war. There is no doubt that this attack and looses are very important for MLCP, the organisation of the revolutionary war. But, in the rules and nature of class war, there happens such looses in every confrontation between the will of revolution and counter- revolution. And in each time MLCP succeeded to recover her wounds, reorganise herself in much more advanced levels. This time, it will be the same. The revolutionary cry outs of our imprisoned comrades during detention and court process carry this meaning. As it was yesterday, we will continue to challenge the counter-revolution today also. They cannot finish MLCP, every cadres and militants of MLCP has the will, revolutionary values, culture and tradition to reorganise MLCP patiently, to continue with the revolutionary battle and to come few steps forward.

Workers, labourers, Kurdish people,

This attack carried out against the MLCP shall impede that the working class and the labourers get organised and fight. They aim at holding them forever in the prison of the order of wage slavery. Since MLCP is their vanguard, their voice and their will. MLCP is a barricade against the attacks of the conditions of imperialist globalisation, attacks of imposing political, ideological and organisational liquidation on the revolutionary and communist movement and MLCP builds the brotherhood of the Kurdish and the Turkish people in the West. For the special role it has concerning the solidarity with the national Kurdish movement and the development of the united struggle, it has been made the first target. The fact, that the US imperialism and the government of the collaborating monopoly bourgeoisie have started a special work after the June-resistance against the NATO Summit shows that.

The colonialist fascist dictatorship, its balloons of lies and dirty war try to break morals and spread confusion through the palavers: "we crushed them", "we dispersed them", "we destroyed them". But all are in vain! Have they destroyed the Kurdish national movement? Have they broken the resistance in prisons? Have they finished the revolutionary organisations? Have they reached their aims by massacring 17 comrades-in-arms from MKP (Maoist Communist Party)? Have they prevented the workers` and labourers` resistances and strikes? No! And they will never succeed. The one who sows the wind will reap the whirlwind!

This attack was carried out at the same time of MLCP's foundation anniversary, 10 September, of the anniversary of 12 September military fascist coup d'etat; in a period where they impose liquidation to the revolutionary and patriotic movement; and right after the parliament's decision to send soldiers to Lebanon. Therefore, it is happened not by chance. The regime has begun implementing the plans of attack, new Anti-terror laws, on our party. For it is aware of our party's active place in the revolutionary movement.

Yes, MLCP fights under the conditions of unequal balance of power. It represents the revolutionary will of the working class and the oppressed in the face of the fascist will of the enemy. It draws its own way by leaning on to this rightness and legitimacy; continues with its historical march in all conditions. MLCP is the party of socialist teachings and revolutionary action. And it is in the international solidarity with hundred millions in the world. This is the thing that makes her strong and determent.

Revolutionaries and comrades;
The capital and fascist regime is not able to solve the basic problems of the working class, labourers and the Kurdish nation. On the contrary, the class and national contradictions are deepening; the social problems and elements of conflict are being accumulated one after another. Even the simplest search for rights is replied by the regime's violence, militarism and lynches chauvinism. It is continuing to preserve its militarist and bureaucratic state structure that it has carried out until today. Under the hegemony of capital and fascism, what would be most right and legitimate then a war organisation, which struggles for revolution and socialism, to take revolutionary political violence as the base, to prepare for this purpose and accumulate strength and to organise its revolutionary work outside the bourgeois legality!

Comrades, we established MLCP under fire and gunpowder. We promised to protect her from the tanks and artilleries of the enemy. We always felt on us the looks of our martyrs and imprisoned comrades. We did not hesitate to pay the cost even in the most difficult and heavy conditions. This has been proven sufficiently by our march until today.

Comrades, the last attack of the enemy aims to prevent our party from being a leader party, to obstruct its political and organisational development line, to break its spirit and will for political breakthrough, to destruct our direction and plans, to cause distrust and confusion in our ranks, to demoralize the revolutionaries and to sanctify bourgeois legality and admiration on the EU. It is completely for this purpose the fascist enemy exaggerates the last operation, arrestment/imprisonments. But, as it happened in the previous attacks, this attack would not be able to obstruct our party from its direction and march forward also. MLCP will continue with its historical and political march under the enemy attacks, as it was the case until today. It is for sure that all our cadres and leaders, all our forces will show themselves in every place and on every level to fulfil their tasks and responsibilities, to put in vain the enemy's concentrated attacks and conspiracies by using their strength and skills until its last limits.

Every comrade to come one step forward now!
Long live revolution and socialism!

MLCP Central Committee
13 September 2006