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Communist Women's Organization (KKÖ) was founded with the decision of the MLKP 1st Communist Women Conference on January 2015. She is organizationally and politically autonomous women's organization of MLKP in the field of women's liberation. She is constituted of women members of the MLKP, her highest executive organ is MLKP Women's Leadership. KKÖ, takes decisions of all kinds of political activities regarding the women's liberation struggle, which also bound the party organs and she applies them. She has her own statute, she gathers her own conference and issues her own publications. KKÖ organizations, have the right of first and last word about the organizational decisions on women cadres and women organs in the fields under their responsibility.

In today's patriarchal capitalist world in which the gender identity of women is made to be the object of manhood and the whole womanhood is commoditized and exposed to capitalist plunder, the MLKP acts with the reality that signifies the integration of the liberation struggles of proletariat against capitalist hegemony and of women against male dominance. "Enlightenment of communist women", took the MLKP to the understanding stating that social revolution bears twofold character and is actualized as the unity of proletarian revolution and women's revolution.

Thus, KKÖ aims making women to be a revolutionary collective subject in order to develop socialist revolution also as a women's revolution and to obtain women's vanguard in the socialist emancipation which rips off all dimensions of gender inequality and oppression.

KKÖ organizes communist women as the half of the party, materializes a unified and organized women mind and will. She is also the impulsive force of the change of the whole party with the understanding of women's revolution. She perceives the gender consciousness as women's comradeship and collective women consciousness. Realizing theoretically, ideologically, politically and militarily advanced women cadres, managing the women's commandment and leadership are among the main duties of the KKÖ which is the assurance and vanguard of the women's revolution line of the MLKP.

KKÖ, focuses on meeting the idea of women's revolution with the working, domestic laboring, peasant and intellectual women, women from university and high-school youth, women from oppressed nations and religions, and of course on gaining the women masses to the revolution.


The Communist Youth Organization (KGÖ) which was founded on October 25th, 1994, is the mass organization of the youth. She is ideologically and politically bound to the MLKP, and organizationally independent. She has her own statute, publishes her own publications, gathers her own congress and is administered by the central committee chosen in this congress.

The KGÖ, which is the unity of high-school and university youth, peasantry and unemployed youth, aims both leading the revolutionary-democratic youth movement and organizing through spreading the ideological and political influence of the party within the youth masses. She, on one side, spreads the ideals of freedom and socialism within the youth, and on the other side, raises cadres for the MLKP from her ranks with her party-school character.

MLKP, calls the people's youth to fight at the forefront for an honorable and free future, for the sake of freedom, social justice and equality. KGÖ is the carrier of this call, organizer and replier of it. The shining star of the party, the Komsomol is the first source which the devoted revolutionariness spurts from at the same time. With her struggle upheld in the campuses and high-schools, in the laboring neighborhoods and workers' districts, in the streets and squares, in the war trenches and dungeons, the KGÖ is the audacious and defiant section of the MLKP. Her praxis filled with vanguard successes, is the soil where the "generation of victories" blooms, meaning the revolutionary criticism and overcoming the cadre historicity of the communist movement of Turkey and Kurdistan which was shaped with defeats.

This vanguard revolutionary stance of KGÖ, is the reason why she becomes one of the primary targets of fascism. There are also young communists from the ranks of KGÖ and her leadership among the 33 "dream-travelers" who walked to immortality in the massacre attack of AKP -ISIS towards progressive and socialist youngsters who gathered in Suruç with the purpose of being the solidarity bridge between Turkey and Kobanê. Actually, this historical massacre aiming to diminish and destroy the most dynamic troop of the MLKP, frontier branch of the party, was replied by KGÖ through the sharpening of her vanguard will, raising her determination and consolidating her revolutionary qualities.


MLKP Kurdistan Organization is an autonomous sectional organization. She forms tactics peculiar to Kurdistan, issues her own publications and gathers her own congress. With the perspective of "socialist patriotism", she aims to organize and struggle in all parts of Kurdistan, Bakûr, Başûr, Rojava and Rojhilat.

MLKP defends the self-determination right of Kurdish nation, meaning the same, the right of founding a separate and independent state or national unification. She considers the common federation of Turkish and Kurdish nations on democratic basis and on the basis of complete equality of rights and voluntary unity as the most progressive revolutionary solution.

As the revolutionary vanguards of the proletariat of the oppressed nation, communists from Kurdistan, fight for the victory of the revolution of Kurdish national liberation against the racist colonialist yoke, they also lead the Kurdish workers and the poor in the path of social emancipation, meaning the path towards socialist revolution. She aims to bring together the "Free Kurdistan" which will be gained through the defeat of colonialism, with the revolutionary unity of peoples via democratic federations and with the socialism which will overthrow capitalism.

Revolutionary vanguards of the proletariat of the oppressor nation, communists from Turkey, have an uncompromising struggle against the colonialist denial and extermination policy of Turkish bourgeois state applied in North Kurdistan, against the occupational aggression of the state towards other parts of Kurdistan and against chauvinism and social-chauvinism. Considering the reality that states the political freedom in Turkey cannot be obtained without gaining the Kurdish national freedom, communists from Turkey unconditionally defends the self-determination right of Kurdish nation.

MLKP Kurdistan organization, keeps the flag of socialism and freedom flying in Kurdistan with her existence in North Kurdistan region from Amed to Dersim, at the fronts of Rojava or in the Medya Defense Zones, with her practice in self-governance resistances in Bakûr or in the defense of Shingal against ISIS.


MLKP, approaches the Rojava revolution, not only with the point of view that sees it as an internationalist solidarity and supporting task of Turkish communists, but also and firstly, with the viewpoint that evaluates it as a task of communists from Kurdistan to develop and carry their own revolution into the future.

MLKP Rojava Organization, bound to the Kurdistan Organization of the party, undertakes duties ranging from war fronts to political administration organs and social organizations at all dimensions of Rojava revolution. MLKP, represents the socialist future of Rojava Kurdistan, aims to move the Rojava revolution forward with a politically and communally socialist perspective. Party warriors who became immortals one after another at the war fronts of Rojava in the battalions of MLKP are the indelible stamps of socialist existence of MLKP in the Rojava revolution.

MLKP, is also the founding and vanguard force of International Freedom Battalion which unifies the progressives, antifascists, revolutionaries and communists who come and fight for the victory of Rojava revolution from all around the world and shed their bloods. Her role in the International Freedom Battalion which is the window opening from war fronts of Rojava to the world, is the unerring proof of internationalism understanding of MLKP corresponding as a concrete and vivid political-practical task, not just a bunch of abstract and arid words.