Long live the resistance, long live the victory!
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Central Committee / Statement / Year: 2019 No: 4

Four years ago, the fascist chief and the murderous regime of the public enemies had announced that a shield reading "No entry and exit" had been issued in front of the prison in Imrali and that this shield would not be ever hung up again. They propagated this as if the leader of the national democratic movement had been buried alive. They waged a fascist psychological war that was accompanied by the demagogy that the PKK , which waged a determined struggle for national democratic rights, forced them to do so. Under the vanguard of Leyla Güven, the resistance of the indefinite hunger strike and the attack of the death fast were started and developed, whereby the fascist chief-regime had to hang up this shield and throw away the grave lock, the culprit in the Ministry of Justice's chair had to declare the "repeal of prohibition of attending a lawyer's visit ", Öcalan's handwritten message from Imrali to the outside had to be accepted. The forbidden streets have been conquered again by the practical legitimate struggle. The deception about the invincibility of the dictator and the fascist chief regime has been stongly hit, along with its wall of fear.
Once again it was seen that those who have the courage to pass the sacrifice gates sooner or later will win. May this political and ideological victory be congratulated to the workers, women, youth and all the oppressed!
Glory above all the 8 immortal comrades; the creators of victory; the indefinite hunger strikers, among whom were also eleven communists, and who were in various corners of the world; the free prisoners who started the attack of the death-fast; the mothers with the white headscarves! Glory to the toilers, women and youth who shed sweat on the streets for the success of this great struggle in Turkey, Kurdistan and Europe.
Until the complete defeat of the extermination and isolation attacks of fascism in the prisons, the struggle on the streets and in the prisons will always be on the agenda. Communist prisoners and our party will fulfill their revolutionary responsibilities in this sense.

May 26, 2019


central committee