We Will Defeat Fascism!
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Statement / Central Committee / Year: 2019 No: 3


Workers, Women, Youth, our Labouring Peoples!

The unjust and bestial capitalist order of the exploiters, riches, oppressors maintains its reign which chains workers, laborers, the disabled, children, old people to poverty and a sorrowful life. Facing the anger and struggle of the working class and the oppressed, this reign is tried to be kept alive through a bloody fascist dictatorship, colonialist war, fascist psychological war based on lies and the abuse of religion.

Erdogan and his party have embarked on the fascist coup of the palace on 20 July 2015 after being panicked by the struggle of the working class and the oppressed that was growing and strengthening against fascism, colonialism, capitalism and patriarchy. They have initiated a new fascist state terror campaign and colonialist war which exceeded all the previous ones. This was a declaration that the fascist chieftaincy regime has been established de facto. Democratic achievements on the basis of rights of speech, organization and action, which have been gained by strikes, resistances, manifestations, barricades, revolutionary mass violence and armed struggle of the working class and the oppressed, have been abolished.

Brothers and Sisters!

To suppress the resistance developing against these attacks, they have used every methods including mass killings. Hundreds of thousands of people have been taken into police stations. The prisons have been filled up. The wheels of torture started to work. Forced dissapearances have been organized. They've operated occupation attacks on Rojava. Through police violence, fascist laws and surveillance cameras, they've tried to eliminate all individual rights and freedoms, as well as those concerning lifestyle and religion. They have banned strikes and solidarity actions through decrees of the Palace. They've closed associations, mass organizations which aimed to be the voice of the oppressed. They've closed not only progressive and revolutionary press and seized all their equipments and finance, but they also silenced the press of the bourgeois opposition and closed radios and TV's.

Unemployment, poverty, workplace murders, femicides, sexual child abuse, patriarchal violence and sexual crimes, suicides, formation of gangs, use of drugs - they all have increased several times during the same period. While all of these have been taking place, the monopoly capitalists, bosses close to Erdogan and in particular the family of Erdogan, administrators, bourgeois parliamentarians and administrators of AKP , who worship possessions, have all multiplied their wealth. Feeding themselves with the blood of workers and laborers, they all have go down into the luxury and unlawfulness up to their throat.
In this period, MLKP, has firmly been committed to its fundamental revolutionary goals and promises given to the working class and our peoples in the 5th Congress and continued its struggle of freedom and socialism as a devoted sacrifice troop at the expense of paying the most grave prices. And after passing through stormy years in which tens of its members, supporters, guerrillas and administrator cadres fell martyr in Rojava, in Southern Kurdistan, in Istanbul, in the mountains of Dersim and Nurhak, in which many others were wounded with serious and lasting damages, in which hundreds faced attacks of custody, torture and imprisonment, MLKP has held its 6th Congress.

Workers, Women, Youth, Artists, Intellecutals, Poors, Labourers from the Cities and Rurals!

Our 6th Congress opened on January 27th with the International Anthem and a minute of silence for the immortal memory of those who sacrificed their lives all around the world to build a new life, for a humane and free world. After a process of intense work, the Congress ended again with the International Anthem on February, 8, 2019.

Just as the previous ones, the 6th Congress of the MLKP was held by breaking the fascist blockade through a tough struggle against the dictatorship. The fascist regime has been once again defeated in this particular battle.

The 6th Congress of MLKP, which was realized by the convention of delegates from different fronts of struggle, dealt with our party's political, organizational, ideological and theoretical development after the 5th Congress. It conducted strong debates on the "Political and Organizational Work Report" presented by the Central Committee. On the basis of the decisions of the 5th Congress and developments from the 5th Congress to the 6th Congress, it evaluated the Central Committee's work, situation of each fronts of our party and revolutionary struggle in general. By discussing the political developments in Turkey, Kurdistan and the world, the Rojava revolution and the existing state of capitalism in its imperialist globalization as well as possible directions and forms that all these developments would take, the Congress drew conclusions and set tasks.
As the living expression of MLKP's conduction of socialist democracy and one of its main life vein, as well as the highest organization which determines the line and goals of our party's new period of struggle, our 6th Congress has successfully fulfilled its revolutionary function and tasks. It has made changes in the programme and statute that respond new dimensions of the social material reality in Turkey-Kurdistan, as well as the needs of our party's organizational structure, its level of comprehension reached in the women liberation struggle, its Kurdistanian quality and practice.

Along with the election of the new Central Committee, the 6th Congress has decided to replace the institution of the General Secretary in its organizational structure with the institution of a Co-Presidency.

Relying on evaluations and perspectives established by moving from our successes and achievements, as well as our inabilities and failures appeared in the period behind, the 6th Congress of MLKP has determined several political and organizational tasks to foster the struggle in Turkey and Kurdistan, proceeding our works in the context of regional revolution and strengthening internationalist action through a struggle which would use all means and forms of struggle in a complementary way. The MLKP will not hesitate to implement the decisions and perspectives of its highest organization, neither in creating solutions to occuring problems with respect to the party line, in other words, it will mobilize all its power and abilities to progress as the vanguard force and sacrifice troop of the democratic and revolutionary struggle of the working class and the oppressed.

This is our promise to our immortals, to the working class and the oppressed. Comrade Baran Serhat, a member of the Party Central Committee, who has been a vanguard of the first steps towards materializing the decisions of the 6th Congress in Kurdistan and the first martyr of the new period, will guide our struggle as the symbol of this promise.

Our party's 6th Congress calls on the workers, laborers, the poor, women, youth, LGBTI+ from Turkish, Kurdish, Arab, Laz, Caucasian, Armenian, Georgian, Rum, Syriac, Chaldean, Bosnian, Pomak, Turkmen and Romani nationalities, on Alevists, Nusayris, anti-capitalist Muslims, intellectuals, artists to raise the struggle of freedom, justice and equality of the peoples against the fascist chieftaincy regime and denialist colonialism, to raise their honor, to be a barricade against unemployment, poverty, workplace murders, femicides, sexual abuse of children, destruction of nature and colonialist war.

Brothers and Sisters!

The MLKP will take a vanguard position within all these struggles and fight with a growing spirit of sacrifice. Let's rise the fight to overthrow the fascist chieftaincy regime, colonialism and patriarchal capitalist order of exploitation by unifying in the ranks of MLKP, by giving shoulder to its works, supporting our party to be strengthened financially and militarily, giving any kind of information that would contribute for asking the account from enemies of the peoples, embracing our immortals, increasing solidarity with prisoners and veterans. Let's open a path for the working class and the oppressed by a revolution that would break the front of the imperialist globalization.

Down with the Fascist Chief-Regime!
Down with the Capitalist Exploitation Order!
Down with the denialist colonialism!
Down with the Attack and Barbarism of Imperialist Globalization!
The only Way is Revolution, Long Live Socialism!
Long live the Union of Workers' and labouring People's Republics!
Long live the World Revolution!

April 26, 2019
MLKP Central Committee