Delal Amed and Her 12 Comrades Are Living in Our Fight!
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Throughout the quarter century of her revolutionary fight, Delal Amed was one of the vanguard militants of women as subjects of the struggle and women commandership. Throughout her life dedicated to the liberation and emancipation of Kurdish nation and Kurdish women, she took place in many fields of struggle as a fighter and as a commander with her head, her heart, and her weapon. Her unyielding stance against the male-dominant colonialist fascism, her assertive and organizationally, politically, theoretically and militarily complete practice from YJA-Star commander to the commander of academies is an example of liberation and leadership for all women. Delal Amed became a source of inspiration with her experiences. She was the comrade of most warm-hearted sharing with her neatness, distance to vanity, building equal relationships and her sincere style of solidarity.

Fascist politic-islamist palace junta couldn't defeat the guerrillas of Kurdistan even though it mobilizes all of its tools and can not defeat in the future. It couldn't surrender the will of Kurdish people and can not surrender in the future. Kurdish women continues to be in the fore front of this glorious resistance. The resistance of 13 massacred guerrillas in the name of Delal Amed, Aze Malazgirt who was one of the commanders of YJA-Star and also dedicated her life to the freedom of Kurdistan, Kurdish people and Kurdish women and women guerrillas Dicle Erdem, Ronahi Amed, Viyan Ruken, Viyan Mazlum, Zozan Herekol and Zozan Cudi is a new declaration of this unyielding will.

This resistance on the afore days of 25th of November, the day of struggle against the violence to women, showed once more that women are not desperate against the male-dominant system, but the path towards a reality of liberated women is full of heavy prices. As women of MLKP-KKÖ, we will claim responsibility for these prices without hesitation and march to the liberation of women, our Kurdish people, working class and the oppressed by continuously fighting. In the name of Delal Amed, the fight of 13's is ours, their immortality is our oath of victory.

Glory to unyielding guerrilla!
Down with the enemy of women, fascist denier colonialism!
Long live thee women's revolution!
Long live socialism!