The Revolutionary Aims of the Decisions of the 5th Congress
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Relations with the Anti-capitalist Muslims' Movement


In our day, the organizations coming out under the names of "Anti-capitalist Muslims" and etc. are the result of questioning among the Muslim masses of the practices of politic-islamist government, that is in the government since November 2002.
Our Party, which approaches the matter of religion as a social political matter, considers that it is possible to form political alliances with the Anti-capitalist Muslims and would give the necessary effort. By setting up its relations on the basis of the poor and rich, the oppressor and oppressed, it aims the distancing and break of the wide Muslim masses from the state and the politic-islamist organizations that are attaching them to the regime.

Decision in Relation to Comrade Serhat Yıldız


Our party's young sympathizer Serhat Yildiz, who was killed in barracks during his compulsory military service, will be placed among our immortals and be remembered on this basis.